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Hello Friends, Today we talk about the most important features of WordPress. When we compare a blog and a website, the most important features of blog is its pinging services. Blog pings all the pinging service you have entered into your settings. The trackback feature of WordPress is, You can a trackback when anyone link to your blog-post from his own blog. Similarly, when you link to other blog post within your posts, it sends a trackback. Guide to use No Self Ping WordPress Plugin and ping wordpress… Read More:

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About Trackback and ping wordpress:

Trackback is not a bug and neither a feature, when WordPress pings your own domain when you link to old blog post. Showing your own blog posts in trackback doesn’t make much sense. Every-time you can’t trash such trackback as it might increase your manual work.

No self ping stops pinging your own blog. This plugin has no configuration option and once installed, it stops sending trackback to your own domain.

Download No self ping WordPress Plugin—-> Download from here 

Download and activate this plugin. Now you will free from self pings.

Hope you like this Guide to stop self ping using No Self Ping WordPress Plugin. If you are using any other methods then let me know. Don’t forget to share this knowledge with your friends

Happy Blogging… 🙂

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