10 Best Blockchain Startups In India

Blockchain Startups

Blockchain startups technology, a distributed, shared, and immutable ledger for digitized data, is one of the highly revolutionary technologies that has emerged in the past few years. Blockchain powers different crypto coins, including Filecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. It has disrupted several industries, including healthcare, digital payments, and cybersecurity. Avoid Internet Scams follow the Guest Posting as we provides you most updated technology news.

For these reasons, the adoption of blockchain technology has increased rapidly, with 55% of Indian companies embracing it. Consequently, several blockchain startups have emerged to meet the demand for blockchain solutions.

Here are the 10 best blockchain startups in India to watch out for in 2022.

1. InstaDapp

InstaDapp is a Bangalore-based blockchain startup developed by Sowmay Jain. It’s an Ethereum-based blockchain developed on DeFi infrastructure. Arguably, it’s one of the most developed platforms for Decentralized Finance. InstaDapp supports app development by promoting interoperability among several DeFi blockchain protocols, enabling developers to leverage the technology’s capabilities completely. The startup’s blockchain finance network enables users to loan and borrow cash from others and accumulate interest on savings accounts.

2. Matic Network

Matic Network is a Bangalore-based blockchain startup co-founded by Sandeep Nailwal, Jayanti Kanani, and Anurag Arjun. In 2019, Matic Network was inaugurated with a public Token Sale in April, in which the startup realized $5,600,000. It’s a scaling platform that allows blockchain developers to create adaptable, easy-to-use dApps with minimal transaction charges without giving up security. 

3. KoineArth

Praphul Chandra developed KoineArth, a Nash platform that offers personalized solution frameworks for real-world blockchain use cases. The startup’s marketN is an ERP-conformable blockchain and AI-supported solution facilitating businesses to collaborate. The startup’s collaboration capabilities are especially useful among distributors, logistics, suppliers, and service companies. 

4. WazirX

Nischal Shetty developed the Mumbai-based WazirX blockchain startup in 2017. It’s an Indian-based crypto exchange and trading platform. The startup launched the Smart Token Fund (STF), a community-based program that enables crypto enthusiasts to link up with smart traders and grow their crypto investment portfolios. 

5. Somish

Somish is a New Delhi-based blockchain startup developed by Ish Goel in 2006. Presently, it’s one of the fastest-growing blockchain-based startups in India. The startup’s journey in Blockchain Technology began in 2016, and from then, it has collaborated with governments and Fortune 500 enterprises to create blockchain solutions. 

6. Primechain

Developed by Shinam Arora and Rohas Nagpal in Bangalore in 2016, Primechain is a blockchain platform equipped with a fully operational Blockchain REST API, a mobile Progressive Web App, and a web application. The startup focuses on developing blockchain-supported solutions for the banking industry in india

7. MindDeft

Developed by Krunal Soni in 2015, MindDeft aims at developing blockchain-based applications to enhance the efficiency of business processes. It helps enterprises choose Dapps and smart contracts that match their existing and future needs. 

8. CoinDCX

Developed by Sumit Gupta in 2018, CoinDCX is a Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem that supports USDT, BTC, and ETH. The startup aims to offer an easy-to-use platform where its users can deal with many financial goods and services. All its financial offerings are supported by key stakeholders in the insurance and security sector. 

9. Signzy

Co-developed by Arpit Ratan, Ankit Ratan, and Ankur Pandey in 2015, Signzy is a Bangalore-based blockchain startup industry-leading digital banking platform. The platform combines blockchain technology and AI to build secure, compliant, and user-friendly solutions.

10. OpenXcell

Developed in 2008 by Jayneel Patel, OpenXcell is a blockchain startup based in Ahmedabad, India. Among its solutions are smart contracts, Hyperledger, smart contract auditing, exchanges, and wallets. 

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