10 VR and AR immersive learning tools

10 VR and AR immersive learning tools

In the current world, teachers can use a lot of Immersive Learning tools to help their students. These technologies offer a vast array of possibilities beyond the traditional classroom setup. Through these tools, students can have access to a wide range of information from all over the world in real-time. The use of VR and AR Immersive Learning tools makes this possible for students to immerse themselves in technological tools to boost their Learning. You can get more detailed info regarding this topic on term paper writing service. Below are some of the ways that AR and VR Immersive Learning tools that help in the learning sector:

1. Catchy Words AR

Catchy words AR is a word game that promotes active Learning by givlearningents wordy problems to solve. It is similar to a word puzzle, but the game focuses on a particular area of study. It’s a great tool that also helps children with dyslexia.

2. Curiscope Virtuali-Tee

This AR helps children learn about human anatomy; this is an excellent tool for assisting students to gain more insight. The Curiscope Virtuali-Tee scans and explores the internal layers of a human body. The Curiscope company also plans to launch multiverse or posters to help with learning planets and related scientific topics.

3. Devar

Bringing animated characters in colorful details to the real world is a fun way students can learn. Devar offers products, including cards, books, games, a globe, and other available tools for learning chemistry, anatomy, alphabet, geography, etc.

4. Experience in Real History.

ERH is an application you can download on your mobile device that helps you go back in time and experience real life-like events that took place in history.

5. Figment AR

The free tool offers a blend of VR and AR. Here, one can add animated objects, characters, portals, and special effects. The portals allow for transition from AR to VR. It’s available for android and iOS devices.

6. Good Expeditions. 

Having a range of over 800 VR and 100 AR tour you can choose from, students can be part of a more immersive experience when learning. All you need to do is download the App Store or Google Play store application, and the students can delve into a world beyond physical limits.

7. Google Translate, AR.

Here, you can translate letters, images, signs, and so on into 38 varying languages by only using your camera. It’s a great tool for instant translation.

8. Just A-Line. 

There’s so much fun drawing with Just A Line in AR. The free application is more than just a drawing app as it also allows learners to take a video telling the story of a drawing or the physical space they’re in.

9. Light Up Learning. 

This app is excellent for helping students learn science-related topics and different structures. You can use Bridge Builder AR to design your architectural bridges and for testing structures. Magnate Lab AR allows students to simulate their experiments and learn more about force and magnets. Animal Safari AR gives students the option of “placing” animals in the physical world and making their backyard a big safari.

10. Merge EDU.

It’s thrilling to imagine you can hold a volcano, a frog, or even the whole planet in your hand for a closer inspection. Students can use this AR application for the exploration of science-related topics in their hands.


Above are but a few examples of the numerous VR and AR Immersive Learning tools in the education sector. Technology is fast-growing and rapidly affecting the education sector, with even more technological advancements taking form at the moment.

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