3 Tips to Maximise Your Chance of Winning the Aviator Game

The popularity of online casino games has skyrocketed in recent years, with the rise of cryptocurrency and anonymous betting platforms encouraging millions to join in on the fun. 

There is, however, one game that seems to be soaring – quite literally – above the others. Aviator is a game where players place bets and win multipliers depending on the height of a flying plane. It is wonderfully simple and potentially very rewarding, making it the perfect game for newbie casino-goers and seasoned professionals alike. 

How to Play 

Play takes place on a grid, on which a plane flies up and across before disappearing off the map. Before take-off, players need to place their bets on where the plane will fly to. Randomly generated numbers assign the plane its flight path – the higher the plane flies, the more your initial bet is multiplied. 

What makes this game so exciting is that players need to ‘tap out’ of their bet before the plane flies off the screen. Any bets still in place when the plane leaves the map are lost, so it’s all about holding your nerve!

3 Top Tips for Securing a Win

Since the mechanism that makes the Aviator betting game tick is based on a completely random number generator, there is no trick or tactic that can solidly secure a win every time. That being said, there are some simple ways of maximising your chances, which could potentially give you the upper hand. 

  • Slow and Steady

This is the most failsafe strategy for gradually collecting a solid stack of money. The excitement of high multipliers can encourage many players to follow the plane right to the top of the screen, but since you never know when it will leave the grid, this is a risky play. 

Instead, bet small and tap out early, somewhere around the 1.2x multiplier mark. That means that within several plays, you will have collected the same amount of funds as you would have with a larger, riskier bet, but without playing too close to the plane flying away. 

  • Aviator’s Martingale

Those of you who are familiar with Roulette will know that the Martingale is one of the most popular betting strategies around. It follows the concept of betting double your losses each time you miss out on a win, so that when you finally win, you’ll have made all your money back. Then you can start afresh and build up your balance. It takes time, nerves, and a fair amount of money, but it can be worth it in the end. 

  • Bulking Up

This next tactic involves gradually increasing your bet amounts while still tapping out early. You’ll be able to bulk up your funds over time and minimise the risk of losing it all on a high bet. It makes sense to be careful when upping your bet to the maximum, as one loss here can be devastating. One right bet, however, could be magical. 

As always, remember to stay safe when betting online and ensure that you are setting limits to keep it comfortable – it’s supposed to be fun, after all!

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