5 Cutest Emojis And The Meanings Behind Them

Cutest Emoji

Emojis are smileys or somewhat similar to “emoticons” used in different forms of communication, May it be text messaging, email, or social media platforms. There is a  variety of emoji you can choose from. This includes common objects, facial expressions, places, kinds of weather, and even animals.

We use different emojis to express how we feel when words can’t seem to put out what we want to say. Emojis have changed how we communicate and convey fun and exciting messages to those we talk to. This new way of communicating with someone else has certainly made our lives more comfortable since we don’t have to fiddle with our thoughts when we can’t seem to find the right words.  

Diamond emoji 

The diamond emoji or the “gemstone” emoji is an emoji that looks like a dazzling diamond gem or a jewel that portrays a cut diamond with a bright blue hue. This emoji is perfect to use when you want to express or tell someone how special they are. When you recently got a new expensive item, and you want to show it off, you can use this emojis.  

Red heart emoji 

When you want to show love and affection to your partner or loved ones, the red heart emoji is the perfect one. This is often used when you want to send a sweet text to someone dear to you or a friend you care about. Other than this, we can also use the red heart emoji when we want to post about a thing, a happening, or food that makes you happy. 

We strongly suggest you use this emojis when you’re making a long love message for your partner. This will undoubtedly make them happy since a heart has always been a symbol of love.  This emoji is accessible in any form of communication platforms. 

Smiling eyes with kissing face emoji 

This emoji shows a yellow round face with a kiss puckered on the lips and smiling eyes. Thoughts of affection and love are commonly expressed. This emoji, particularly when combined with the musical note, is often considered to depict whistling like a person whose hands are in his pocket calmly whistling after wrongdoing.   

This emojis can also be used to show you want to kiss a particular person. You may utilize this, especially when you find the person you are talking to cute, or he/she may have said something adorable that made you smile. Indeed, there are countless ways to use this emoji.  

Sparkles emojis 

The bursts of glittering sparkles. It is generally represented as three four-point yellow stars, with one big spark and two small stars to the left or right and widely used to describe different positive emotions, namely love, joy, beauty, admiration, and excitement. It can also be utilized to express creativity or cleanliness.  

This emoji is excellent to use when you want to show off some beauty and “sass.” Other people even use this to portray a specific item they recently bought that is expensive. The sparkles emoji is proven to be quite popular with teenagers. 

The See-No-Evil Monkey emojis

The Three intelligent Monkeys, named Mizaru (Japanese name for “see not”), see no bad monkey. They are portrayed as a dark Monkey Face with eyes framed by tan or pinkish paws. The three monkeys show the proverb “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. It is also sometimes expressed as an appeal to caution or as a symbol of deliberate ignorance. 

This is often used to convey someone who can’t stand what he/she is seeing. It can also be shown in situations wherein you get shy because of someone/something. There are countless ways to use this emoji.  


Many researchers have proven that emojis have made talking with one another fun and entertaining. We can never deny that words alone are dull and boring, especially when talking with someone close to you or talking about something that brings out good energy.  We hope that this article will help you with what kind of emojis to choose in expressing yourself and your future endeavors! 

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