5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Programming at College

Learn Programming at College

Times are changing, and with these changes come new technologies, inventions, and thus, career opportunities. Before 1883, computer programming was not at all popular, till Ada Lovelace came to the rescue of the next and the other upcoming generation by coming up with the first programming language.

Computer programming is a process of designing (coding) a set of instructions that will tell the computer how to perform a task. These tasks include: debugging, testing, source code maintenance, etc. 

Just like humans, computers also have their language; the vocabulary that the programmers use to communicate with the computer i.e., code. 

And just like the world is populated with various tongues and dialects, we have various programming languages to learn. Some of the most popular programming languages are Java, Python, Swift, Go, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

However, let me tell you, I wasn’t always good at programming with the above languages, therefore while beginning to learn to code, I most often used to take help from experts to do my programming homework.

So, moving on, let me share 5 reasons why you should learn programming at college.

  1. Numerous and flexible job opportunities

So many things have changed and most of these changes are technological. As the consumption of many technological devices increases, so will the demand for computer programmers. 

One thing about the increase in job opportunities is that it not only affects people in developing or developed countries. You can work from home as a computer programmer, enabling freelancers from other countries to work for companies situated miles away from them.

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Computer programmers could also work for themselves. If you are keen on starting your own business, being a certified programmer does not stop but rather enables you.

  1. High income

Apart from having numerous and flexible job opportunities, computer programmers have an income that is generally higher than the average income level. As a widely recognized job, there are not only plenty but juicy job offers. 

According to 2020 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers make about $45 an hour. Now, that amount could vary depending on the expert level, institution, and job itself but you will agree with me that it’s still a favorable offer.

Having a college degree naturally boosts your earning potential. This ends up making you more paid than someone with a high school diploma, or someone just testing the waters.

  1. Creativity can still play a role

For the creatives reading this article, it will interest you to know that you don’t have to say goodbyes to those skills. It seems like the only industries that embrace creativity are those that have to do with art such as music, fine art, fashion designing. However, the programming industry embraces creativity as well as technical skills. 

Programming has to do with identifying problems and solving them in various shapes and forms. Programming was a result of Lovelace’s ability to sight and solve problems and the creative skills of subsequent programmers shining through.

  1. An edge over others

Yes, it’s been circulated and proven to be true that you don’t need a degree to become a computer programmer. 

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The market for computer programmers will be here for a long time. Having a degree gives you a form of professionalism and an edge over other applicants in whatever institution you would apply to. 

As mentioned in the point above, having a college degree also makes you a higher earner than other colleagues.

  1. Character development

Generally, a college degree irrespective of the course taken is more than just a piece of paper. Although, it may seem like that accomplishing a degree is tough, still, bagging a college degree helps improve self-esteem and gives a sense of achievement. 

The coping mechanism that you learn in college tends to create a form of resilience and persistence in you.

Programming as pretty as it might sound is the exact opposite of easy. To be fair, which job is entirely easy? Therefore, all these characters that you have picked up along the way end up playing a role in your career life, later on.

Summing up

College can be very expensive, no doubt. For a course such as computer programming, it might even look inessential. However, there are so many benefits and favors that college degree holders get compared with their counterparts.

Having a degree in a lucrative and flexible industry like the computer programming industry is more of an investment with a great return. Not only is this field widely recognized and growing, but there is a higher level of job security.

Thus, I advise you to choose to pursue a career in a booming industry like computer programming and secure your ticket to financial freedom and of course, the big league.

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