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6 amazing business growth hacks for 2021

business growth hacks

2020 has been quite eventful and challenging, especially for business owners. And 2021 met us with a fast-changing landscape, forcing us to be ready for any challenge.Lets go with these business growth hacks for 2021.

In an era of fierce competition, growing your business is not an easy task, and you will have to make constant efforts to stay afloat.

Whether you are an owner of a large or small business or a young startup, looking for new, alternative growth ideas, these 6 proven tips on how to grow your business in 2021 will come in handy.

1.Establish the right connections

It’s always a good idea to invest time, money, and energy in valuable employees. But you also have to think about something more global: for example, you should look for ways to bridge the gap between your teams/branches and find valuable resources outside of your organization.

To do this, you need to set valuable connections by:

  • connecting with influencers or people you are looking up to in your industry. Take the initiative and build connections with the right people/organizations to increase your authority on the Web;
  • keeping in touch with your employees: all your teams, from sales to web design play a huge role in your marketing efforts. An efficient marketing strategy is a collaborative one, so use the expertise, skills, and talents of all the people who work with you. Explore in detail how your teams work and allow them to share their thoughts on building a growth strategy, look for ways that motivate them to work together more effectively to drive business growth;
  • creating a community: successful market leaders, including and especially tech companies, harness the great possibilities of communities to boost brand awareness, understand their customers better, increase outcomes, and generate brand loyalty. A powerful community leads to better products, innovations, as well as business growth.

We bet you’ve heard a lot About Salesforce Community Cloud, an online social platform for organizations for creating branded sites and connecting their customers, employees, and partners together. The community provides all participants with the records and data they need to get their job done in the best way possible.

And lots of huge vendors of cutting-edge sales software like Revenue Grid offer their products along with the Salesforce partner community license. For you, it’s a great way to equip your sales teams with the advanced sales tools and give your Salesforce community members a real Salesforce experience, get free implementation services, unlimited technical support 365/7/24, and never bother about your privacy and data security anymore.

2.Nurture your existing customers and search for new opportunities

Pay attention to developing a new strategy to support your existing customers, for instance:

  • help them get maximum value from using your products;
  • share some really useful information (for example, by emailing news of interest to them, informing them about promotional events in advance, etc.);
  • consistently check in;
  • send thank you emails;
  • invite them to company’s events;
  • help them to achieve their marketing goals.

Simultaneously, look for new, effective opportunities to grow your company’s customer base, for example:

  • spot brand-new industry-related keyword trends and produce great SEO content;
  • focus on your email list;
  • start effective email series;
  • use promotions, coupons, discounts, and freebies;
  • create an eBook;
  • build a stunning landing page;
  • offer an online course;
  • launch a customer referral program;
  • boost our social media presence.

It’s crucial to find the perfect balance between these two courses of action.

3.Offer a super-personalized experience through automation 

Most consumers tend to buy from companies that practice an individual approach to the customer because it always inspires confidence. Marketing automation can help you find simple answers to tough questions like “How do you make a prospect feel special?” or “How do you stay in touch with the right prospects on time?”.

There is a huge choice of automation software tools that allow your marketing and sales teams to track customer’s journey and find out the ways to modify your marketing campaigns and make them more efficient.

These tools can help you automate some important tasks, such as:

  • lead scoring: you set up a lead scoring model that assigns a value to your contacts. Values ​​help to prioritize them so you have a better understanding of which contacts are worth investing in the most. It will help you boost your lead generation;
  • segmentation: advanced software tools help you to successfully group contacts by sorting them by key characteristics. As a result, you will be able to send individual messages to each group and receive the expected feedback. Launch a segmented email campaign and you will see an increase in your income!

4.Understand the importance of diversification 

Diversification helps a business stay relevant and keep ahead of the competition.

As you diversify your business, you need to understand the importance of getting customer feedback so that you can more effectively find offers that will interest them. Businesses can achieve diversification using various media channels, including surveys, social media polling, and feedback via your business website.

Thus, if you do everything right, you will be able to adequately meet the needs of customers and to dive into a new market more successfully.

5.Leverage social media

Yes, we know that everyone is talking about it, but this task can be more difficult than you think. Here are some proven tips to use social media to grow your business in 2021:

  • use SM to drive traffic to your eCommerce stores;
  • use plenty of catchy videos on social media to keep your audience engaged and growing;
  • build brand awareness by using targeted influencers to market your products for you;
  • provide huge amounts of value before asking your customers for anything in return;
  • tell your brand story and differentiate your company from the competition;
  • invest in paid ads;
  • start a retargeting campaign;
  • run contests;
  • show authenticity (acquire a unique brand voice);
  • provide perfect support.

6.Find out what works better and refine your strategies

Knowing where your potential customers are coming from is critical to assessing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Attribution data provides colossal value for the business. There are many ways to find attribution data such as surveys, Google Analytics, UTM codes, call-tracking, etc.  

Experiment and refine your existing approach if something seems not effective.

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