Apple TV App Development: Learn How to Create Apple TV App

For many people, conventional TV has become archaic, but the desire to watch a program or a movie has not disappeared anywhere. Apple TV is perfect for such people. It is a great service with a lot of possibilities, which will keep users from getting bored. Each application for Apple TV is made with the understanding of the needs of the user. Moreover, Apple’s audience is very solvent and used to pay for content and applications. This niche is very profitable. How to develop an Apple TV app, how much it costs, and where to find good specialists? Read to find out.

What is an Apple TV app?

Apple TV app is the software for the Apple TV set-top box. Basically, the Apple TV app does not differ from the applications on the iPhone and other devices of the company, and most have analogs on different Apple devices.

Apple TV apps are designed for Apple TV set-top boxes, iPhones, iPads, Macs, and now also for some smart TVs. Users can download and install them from the App Store. With Apple TV Apples it’s easy to search and watch all movies and TV shows both on the set-top box and on other supported gadgets.

What types of Apple TV apps are there?

In total, there are several key types of Apple TV apps:

  • First, with Apple TV apps, users can watch movies. Movies can be purchased or rented from the iTunes Store. There’s another option. Apple TV users can access a variety of apps with movies, TV shows, educational or entertainment shows, sports competitions, and so on. Examples include the popular Netflix app.
  • Second, Apple TV apps allow users to play games downloaded from the AppStore. These can be the popular Asphalt 8, the colorful exciting arcade Rayman, the legendary Pacman arcade, and much more.
  • Third, Apple TV allows users to use Apple TV apps for karaoke. Users can sing their favorite songs together with the TV or call their friends and show them their vocal talent.
  • Fourth, Apple TV provides access to the Apple Music service. Here, users can download music, make playlists and follow the recommendations of world-famous DJs, or listen to the radio through the speakers of the TV. A convenient search system allows users to choose among millions of songs the most interesting compositions in various genres and styles.

How does the Apple TV app development process work?

Apple TV app development process consists of several key points. Let’s take a brief look at each of them based on the smart tv app development company Perfsol experience.

IT Consulting

At this stage of Applet TV app development, the experts thoroughly analyze the client’s idea and suggest ways of its technical implementation.

UX/UI design

Designers build the appearance of the Apple TV app. Also, at this stage happens the development of the interaction logic of elements in the Apple TV app.


At this stage, the code for the Apple TV app is written.


Then Apple TV app gets into the app store. This can take some time due to the moderation rules applied by Apple. 

Post-release support

After the Apple TV app sees the light, you must keep it running smoothly and update it when necessary.

How much does it cost to develop an Apple TV app?

So, how much does it cost to develop an Apple TV app? The price of Apple TV app development consists of several key factors. The first one is the number of features and the overall complexity of the app. Second is the cost of specialist work per hour. Currently, it is $20,000 for the initial setup: this includes app development, integrations, customizations, and getting it Apple TV ready.

But there is a way to cut the price in half. Simply contact a team from another region. For example, a team from Eastern Europe can create a smart TV app at half the cost of the US or Western Europe.


In conclusion, it is worth saying that Apple TV is a great alternative to traditional television. It has everything a viewer could dream of. Both paid and free programs for Apple TV are made at a high level and well-optimized. To get access to this part of the audience you only need to contact Perfsol. Our experts have a wealth of experience in creating Apple TV apps and will help you make your idea a reality.

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