Best app for recording phone calls to download now

App for recording phone calls

Smartphones are a big part of the modern, 21st-century lifestyle. In the business world, you can use the device for interviews, teamwork, and personal conversations. Many prefer recording the phone conversation for business or personal purposes. You can use an app for recording phone calls and improve productivity. The stored voice data is essential for strategy formulation, sales, training, and self-learning. But before you start recording, take a note of regional and national regulations. Understand the law, and after that, you can easily save phone calls using these top 10 apps:

TapeACall Pro: a popular tool for business call storage

It is an excellent app for recording new and active calls on an iPhone. You can initially download the free version for a 7-day trial. But the professional version requires a monthly or yearly fee payment. The app records a call and processes it within a matter of a few minutes. The link to the recording will be available to download and save. You can also share the stored call through social media and email.

CallRec Lite: the best app for recording phone calls in their entirety

This iPhone friendly tool is very accurate and reliable. You can use the free version with unlimited calls of 1-minute duration. The Pro version can, however, record and give access to the entire call. You can record both the incoming and outgoing calls. The unlimited access has a one-time fee of US$8.99. CallRec Lite works on a recording system called the 3-way merge. The saved conversations are available for upload to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also share the calls on social media or via email communications.

NoNotes Call Recording: a favourite solution for automatic records

This feature-rich app handles both incoming and outgoing calls. The recorded talk can get stored in the cloud. You can also share the voice data on Facebook or through email. The tool is also very good at enabling call transcribing. You can also use the NoNotes product for dictation purposes. The app is free up to 20 minutes of talk. The monthly call recording costs are at US$10. The transcribing services fee varies based on the length of the recording.

Rev Call Recorder: a simple and convenient software

This easy-to-use app is ideal for business talks and interviews. This iPhone friendly software can record and transcribe. And it can handle both incoming and outgoing calls with great ease. You have access to free and unlimited recording without any hidden fees. Those who work in education and legal businesses will benefit from this app. It is also a trustworthy solution for modern legal and marketing team co-ordination.

iRec Call Recorder: a user-friendly tool for productive recording

It is an international user-friendly app for recording phone calls. You can store both inbound and outgoing conversations. The flexible tool facilitates regular iPhone conversations. It also supports the generation of a private caller ID. You can use this feature for both domestic as well as international calls. The app also offers a transcription service with variable pricing plans based on call duration. The free downloadable app has a monthly cost of US$9.99 for yearly subscription plans.

CubeACR: a technically advanced app for recording phone calls

This feature-rich tool records a conversation automatically from the beginning. You can save selected calls and mark them as important. You can also create lists of must-record people and filter them for quick access. CubeACR not only records but also manages them with efficiency. It has an in-built file explorer for managing the voice data. You can also export the recordings to other devices and services. Android-friendly smart software is also compatible with WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, etc. This free downloadable app has a premium version that costs only US$1.99.

Truecaller: the most popular and trustworthy recorder

It is a multi-faceted app for comprehensive communication management. You can save and store the recordings on your device. It has the most reliable caller ID along with a spam blocking feature. You can efficiently identify unknown companies, numbers, and spammers. And you can filter it even before starting a conversation. Also, Truecaller can auto block telemarketers and robot calls.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro: captures everyday talk with clarity

It is the best app for recording phone calls of great importance or value. You can start recording automatically while making a call. You can not only play the recorded talk but also delete unwanted conversations (both incoming and outbound calls). It comes with an advanced file manager option to enhance the quality of your voice communications.

Blackbox Call Recorder: a reliable, professional-grade tool

This well-designed app also has a clean and user-friendly interface. It ensures the automatic recording of inbound and outgoing calls. The robust platform also uses advanced technology to block unauthorized access. And it supports Bluetooth, Dual SIM, and Google Drive back up and storage.

The various features include contact lists, high-quality file formats, and Blackbox data files. It can search, sort, playback, select, and delete recordings. You can also automatically schedule recording cleanup tasks. It can white list contacts, obfuscate your recordings from other apps, and sort your favorite recordings.

Call Recorder Automatic: high-quality app for managing phone calls

It can record all types of phone conversations while you are on it. This Android-friendly app works on auto-pilot mode. It can manage all your recordings without any deviations. You can choose to record incoming and outgoing calls from specific users. You also have the option of selecting calls for saving and sharing. It can also playback all the recorded conversations for revision or self-training. This app is best suitable for marketing teams and business correspondence.

The free version is available in the Google Play Store. However, if you wish to enjoy advanced features, the premium version has a monthly charge, and it will be completely free from advertisements. The software can also sort and group the recordings by names or dates. It can also automatically reveal the IDs of unknown callers.

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