What are the Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites?


It wasn’t long ago that the vast majority of the gambling community hadn’t even heard of Bitcoin. In this modern world, things change super quickly though. If you aren’t paying attention, entire revolutions can take place without even noticing them. One quiet revolution occurring in the gambling world is a cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin taking the lead. There are many benefits to using Bitcoin for gambling which we won’t really go into there. What we will look at are some of the best Gambling sites that will accept your Bitcoins to gamble with.


Online Casinos

This category is growing at an exponential rate which means there are plenty to choose from. The number one choice for Bitcoin gamblers right now has to be Bitstarz. It is regulated and licensed by the Curacao authorities and offers a huge number of games. In fact, there are over 2,300 to explore, including all of your old favorites as well as new ones to discover. As well as Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies they accept include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. This is clearly an online casino with an eye to the future. With juicy Bitcoin promotions, a responsive customer service team, and a modern website, Bitstarz is hard to beat.

Sports betting sites

Sports betting providers have not been quite as receptive to Bitcoin as online casinos have been. Despite the reluctance, it is still easy to find plenty of providers who are willing to do so. Some popular options include Betonline, Nitrogen Sports, and Betcoin. Each has its different benefits so it is worth checking each to find which one suits you best. Country restrictions are in place, so make sure that the one you like is available where you live. One key point to keep in mind is that some Sports betting sites accept Bitcoin, but bets are not made in that currency. Instead, they are converted to a fiat currency each time a bet is placed, usually USD. That may or may not be an issue but something to consider.

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Bitcoin Crash Gaming

A much newer phenomenon sweeping the internet right now is Crash gaming. These are simple betting games that were built specifically with Bitcoin and crypto in mind. The rules could not be easier, and you will be hard-pressed to find a pacier game to play. Typically all that is needed to open an account is a user name, an email address, password and away you go. One of the finest examples in this category is It is one of the better looking, more professional providers out there, with all of the features you could want. It is also social, as users can type messages into a communal chat box to interact with each other. Users are also able to verify that each game round is completely fair for peace of mind gaming.


We wouldn’t quite call this the golden age of Bitcoin gambling just yet, but the revolution is certainly underway. With all of the benefits that cryptocurrency brings, its influence in the gambling industry is sure to increase further. If you are holding onto coins and are looking for something to do with them consider the options on this list. You might just find your next favorite Bitcoin gambling site right here.

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