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India is a home to a lot of companies who have a great emphasis over the world. There are a hell lot of industries to counsel here and find careers in. However, when it comes to finding the best corporate video services, there are a few services who are just ahead of everybody in the world such as vidsaga. There are thousands of choices available for you, yet choosing the best one may seem a bit harder as there is an abundance of the same.

So if you are hunting for the top corporate video production services in India, we have got your back. We have shared some of the finest video services here in this list which is going to help you fine the perfect pick and get the best for yourself.


GKV was founded in Baltimore in 1981. It is an advertising agency which offers services like digital strategy, social media marketing, advertising, PR and even branding. It has a team of more than 200 employees who work with the mid-market businesses across different industries which includes consumer products, telecommunications, and healthcare.

It has an ongoing project with a food production company and the partnership began with a focus on the traditional media. It also created the marketing materials for print and TV.


It is a video production company which was formed in 2015 in Bangalore, India. It has a team of about 10 employees and provides the video production and graphic design services for small and midmarket businesses in marketing, advertising and even media industries.

Studiotale has also developed a video which described a client’s reminder app in a 40 second project. It selected the voice, music and design along with developing an animation needed for the video. As a result, the video was uploaded and viewed about 1000 times on YouTube.

What A Story

This is a visual branding agency which was formed in 2015. It was based in Hyderabad and has a team of 19 members who specialize in branding and video production. They also serve a range of clients in entertainment, hospitality industries as well as healthcare. It helped a studio by the coordinating all the post-production tasks for a 2 minute marketing case study video for a third party. The video also featured the motion graphic animation and relevant stats. The final video was really great.

Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions is an outsourcing company which is headquartered in Princeton, N.J. which was founded in 2006 and have a team of over 750 employees. This firm’s international offices are based across India, the UK and the Philippines and has the experience in back office, transcription and also call center services. Their clients mostly work in education, healthcare industries along with manufacturing as well.

Flatworld Solutions is also partnered with a products business and assumed customer service which also features live calling duties organization wide. The customers from clients have also reported 98% satisfaction rate when dealing with the team at the Flatworld Solutions. The client estimates that the team at Flatworld Solutions has also managed to save their organization over 40 hours of work. The team also showed a very impressive level of professionalism and customer service skills which is quite rare.

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