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Top 18 Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks

Top Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks

Hey guys looking for free eBook Torrenting Sites? Yes, then you just came to the right place. As we all know torrent downloading sites are the world’s number one place to get everything for free and we can also download ebooks for free from torrenting sites. Torrents are the best and anyone can download anything from it but still many people are trying their best to get ebooks online for reading from other websites, but they don’t know they can easily get the ebooks from torrents. They are not aware of the real power of torrent websites.

Finding eBooks online is a very difficult task and also sometimes we get the file but to download the file we need to pay. So in that case Torrents helps the readers to get their favorite eBook for free. Actually, torrents own a very large database and a very large number of active users. On the torrent download sites, people upload stuff and we can download these stuff for free.

But we need the good ebook torrenting sites means best and working torrent sites. So to save your time I created a list of free ebook torrent sites and sharing it here. You can easily download ebooks to your pc or any other device without paying anything from these popular torrent sites🙂

Top Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks
Top Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks

Most Popular eBook Torrenting Sites

So guys let’s get ready as I’m going to share the torrent websites for eBooks and these websites are free to use and also you can easily understand how to download from these torrent sites. Here I am providing the direct links to these torrent sites and you can search, browse, explore more for getting free ebooks of your choice from these best free ebook torrent sites.

A most important point is that you must have any torrent downloading software such as Utorrent, BitTorrent or BitComet, so download any of these first 🙂

May Be You Will Also Like: Kickass Torrent Sites


More then 90 categories are there on this website and you can get almost every ebook from any category. Also you can download the eBooks without registering and for free. You can find scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books from this torrent website. There is also a option to add your own ebook and this site is mostly famous in USA and Canada. You can search the ebook via title, author name, ISBN and language. Also you can sort the ebooks by popularity and this is site is in the market from 10 years.

If you want to add your ebook and comment something on other ebooks then you have to register otherwise you can download ebooks free from this site.



This is a special website which mainly target free eBooks and on this website you can also select the categories. Sometimes we want some extra from over favorite category, so this website is best for those. Just select the category and download your favorite eBook from free. No doubt book-share is one of the best free eBook torrenting site among the other torrent sites. as this site is providing free ebook downloading service over 4 years. From this site you download the ebooks by author, title, subject or ISBN. 

There are more than 52+ categories to download ebooks. You can check the ebook description for better understanding before download. But you need to register first if you want to download or read an ebook from this torrent site.


Wait this is not wikipedia site but it is just like wikipedia site and wikibooks is one of the most popular place for free ebook torrenting sites. Because on wikibooks you can easily find any of your interested book from this website. Not only that but you can even download the different ebooks in different languages and different qualities. So believe me and use this ebook torrent site to download free ebook torrents as this is really a nice place where you can find any of the required ebook according to your interest.

Surf this torrent website from this provided link and you will be taken to the ebook page. Kickass is very old and popular torrent website. And you can download any free eBooks from more then 1,80,000 free eBooks from Kat. You simply can download the ebooks from KAT via utorrent. You can also your fav ebook on this site if you are not able to find. There is a specific post to request the ebooks 🙂


Many Books

Special stands for eBooks from 2004 and more than 100,000,000 books have been downloaded according to them. Many Books tolds more than 33,000 eBooks are available on their website. Also you can access the HTML version of eBooks to read online. This is very best and popular torrent site and this site contains so many categories to download free ebooks. You can also read the short reviews of ebooks before downloading and it is required to register first to download the ebooks from this site.


This website categorized the all eBooks in well format and from the homepage of this website you can access these eBooks. You can also access Top 10 eBooks and also latest arrivals here. It’s an excellent site for downloading Independent writers offer, fiction, romance & non-fiction story ebooks. There is a huge list of categories to find your desired ebook. You can download the ebooks which you want in PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Txt file.  But if you want to download ebooks for free, you have to register on this site.


Ebookee website is another site for finding torrents for ebooks and is the best and trusted ebook torrenting site. You can download your favorite ebooks easily and free of cost here. This website has special features like, you can check Recently Viewed eBook Torrents, Top10 eBook Torrents, Latest Added eBook Torrents etc. There are lots of free ebooks which are shared by popular ebook writers and there is need of account on this site to download the ebooks.

Online Programming Books

Well from the name you can predict that this website is related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and computer hardware. Also, this website told that these eBooks are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally. So their is no problem to download from this website.

It contains more than 80+ tech related section for downloading free ebooks. Especially if you are learning coding or programming then this torrent site is for you.  You can get the different file format like PDF,  mobile PDF, ePub, Mobi etc.

This is also a great website as you can also download the ebooks there. Just open the website and in the top menu you can see the special category for ebooks. Click on the book category and you will see the list of ebooks. You can also use the search box to search about your ebook. There is no need of registration on this site. The below url is changed as they redirected their site to new domain.

Also, check Weird Websites and you will like these websites for sure.


It’s another great source of ebooks and you can find lots of ebooks on this site. Not only that, but famous comic uploader Nemesis43 also use this site to upload. So this site is very popular for comics too and this site is growing day by day.

Planet eBook

Planet ebooks are a really good source if you really want a good number of ebooks for free as they have more than 50k books in their database and you can get all those books for free to share with your friends or to read by yourself. You can download the ebooks according to your interest and there is also popular free books section to check which books are other people are reading.

eBooks Directory

e-books directory is another best place to get the download popular ebooks from free. It’s a regularly updated free ebook download site and on this website, you can get all popular categories like career, finance, investing, bank-banking, marketing-sales, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, etc. This is not only a torrent website for eBooks download but you can upload your own ebooks here also.



PDF-downloads is also just like an ebook torrenting search engine and from this torrent search engine, you can download different type of ebook from different niches. There is also a search bar available on this site from which you can easily search for the ebook which you want. An interesting feature of this website is that you can directly read an ebook on the web but you can also download the ebook from torrent to read later. As per the users of this site PDF-downloads site is the best ebook torrent site for learning English.


I already shared some torrent sites to learn programming only but this is another great and personally tried torrent site to download the ebooks related to coding or programming. I can easily say that this is a hub for the tech and programming related ebooks as there are many ebooks of different topics like Linux, Java, Microsoft, C and, C++, Perl/Python, Science, Networking, Database, Security & Assembly. All these ebooks are free and there is no need to sign up or pay for these ebooks.


Free ebook library of the world and it contains near around 22,000 ebooks as mentioned on this site. On the you can also upload your own ebook and also get the ebooks from almost every category. There is also category page which can be accessed from the homepage and you can also access the ebooks are per the authors as they created the list of authors. Bookyards has been online since 2002 and there is no need of sign up to download the ebooks from this site.


Bookboon is online since 1988 and has a large database of ebooks and they have both free and paid type of ebooks. It is another eBook Torrenting Sites for you. I suggest this site to those people who want to learn and searching for tech & business related ebooks. There is one condition on this site which is if you want to download free ebooks from this site then you have to submit an email along with a few question answers. That’s the reason this site at the end of the list :p but still, this is a good source of ebooks.


Final Words

I hope you will like this article on Top 12 Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks. Let me know which torrent site is your favorite in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

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