10 Best Similar Games like Minecraft For Android

Best Similar Games like Minecraft For Android

Are You looking for Similar Games like Minecraft? With the blocks taking over the gaming world at such a fast pace, Minecraft today has changed a lot of scenarios. Minecraft is a game of imagination and creation. This game did not just take over but has slowly and constantly made its way to the top. There are various challenges in the game that are fun. You slowly rise to a lot.

One starts with absolutely nothing on Minecraft and then keep leveling up as you fight with the challenges on your way. In Minecraft, you explore the unknown. The games do not end after a small distance. You can build a house, you can interact with people. You can literally do a lot!

Talking about exploring, you must have guessed with the names of the game it will involve a little mining too! Yes, you can even make a whole network of your underground tunnels. Go underground and mine out all those treasures. Or creates beautiful carved out castles, towns, cities just everything (including a whole spaceship) above the land.

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There is not a doubt that Minecraft is one of those games which is enjoyed by kids, teenagers and even adults too. With all the chances to go on being creative and a game always filled with surprises, this game is an absolute favorite for many people. If in case if you are facing any Discord issues, check out discord issues fix solutions to fix the same.

Best Similar Games like Minecraft For Android

Best 10 Alternative Free Games Like Minecraft

With this game going around for years, there are people who would surely want to explore more of such games. So below we have curated a few of the games are like Minecraft. Do not worry, these games will explore your survival talents and creative fun too.

1. The Forest

The forest games like minecraft

The Forest is the best games like Minecraft in the market. Get ready to explore the Hunger Games movie in this game. They will drop you in a jungle. Now, this jungle holds scary spiders and things you are not ready for. Hunt and go forward, get scared and you will die. This game differs from Minecraft because it is filled up with more surprises than what you are ready for.

Just like Minecraft you will explore new places and creating tools for your survival. Fight the weather and make the shelter to survive in the atmosphere. This game is addicting and fun to play.

  • Download The Forest

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2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley android game

Stardew Valley is another free games like Minecraft on android. This game works smoothly in a PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch iOS, and even Android. If you got happy with the little happiness over flowers or joy of farming in Minecraft was one of your favorite things, then this game is absolutely for you. Grow a farm and nurture its growth. Grow the greens. Take care of your plants and grow those fruits and vegetables as if it were all real.

You can even talk and contact the fictional characters in your game. Talk to them, get to know them and even have a romantic love life with your neighbor. It is all fun and cute.

  • Download Stardew Valley

3. Ark-Survival Evolved

Ark-Survival Evolved android games like minecraft

Set in the era of Charles Darwin this game is a power-packed thrill-filled game. Expect to see dinosaurs and beasts. The storyline I set you to have an experience which seems thrilling. According to the game you wake on the beach side on an unknown island. Now, this is not just some barren island with no lives over it. But an island with huge Jurassic beasts and dinosaurs. Combat and make your way through the forest as you create tools to protect yourself.

Craft your creative ways to stay protected against any beast that may cause you to harm over this island. In nature, this story goes up with a storyline full of surprises. You start off as prey and fight on your way inside the jungle as a predator.

  • Download Ark-Survival Evolved

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4. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program android game

This a game especially for the learners and the kids. This game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just like Minecraft this game is played and used by educators as well. This game is also about creativity. Curate and create to help your cute cartoon characters survive. Unlike other games, this game is not scary at all.

There are no scary surprises which might give you goosebumps. Just create and make tools for your characters to help them in the harsh reality of their life.

  • Download Kerbal Space Program

5. Block Fortress

Block Fortress android game

If during the Minecraft game your favorite part was mining and protecting your area from enemies then this game is curated for you. This game will put your survival and fighting instincts to test. You will construct walls and arms to protect your base. It does not limit you to anything. Just protect your area. Mine and get treasures. This game is filled with power and fun you will surely enjoy.

  • Download Block Fortress

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6. Lego Worlds


A game basically a combination of Lego and Minecraft this game will be the favorites of many. This game can be streamed on the platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game is largely inspired by Minecraft. The Lego World game largely combines Lego and Minecraft. Destroy, build and create in the Lego World. Collect the delights and go wild in the campaign mode. Lego is favorite for many people and free games like Minecraft for Android.

Peter Serafinowicz is there in the whole story guiding you in the World of Lego. This cube based game is filled with curating the world with colors. This game is highly addictive and fun to play all along.

  • Download Lego Worlds

7. Eco


Probably one of the best games especially for those who loved the concept of Minecraft. This game is much like Minecraft but is still advanced. You will always have to keep in mind about what your next move might be. Work on those concepts as if everything is real. This game has also been used as a learning tool by educators.

Everything is connected in this game and all your actions will always yield a reaction. Also, you will be taught with lessons on how to conserve the natural environment. So addiction to this game might even turn out to be fruitful.

  • Download Eco

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8. Unturned

Unturned free games like minecraft

Unturned is similar free games like Minecraft for Android. This game is much like Minecraft but if you are a zombie lover then this game is for you. Absolutely addicted to this game the players have always loved it. You can always ask your friends to join and win this battle against the zombies as if you own it. The reviews and comments will just hype you to directly dive into the game without wasting a single moment.

  • Download Unturned

9. Rust

Rust free games like minecraft

This is another last Games like Minecraft in this list. Be killed and fight again. Keep going on and just do not give up. No, we are not quoting for some life quotes but telling you about the principle of this game. One of the best games which are so many free games like Minecraft.

This game opens up the gates of creativity in your mind. There will be times when you will join the game many times. You will keep dying and join again. Hunt to become the hunter.

From being the prey to become a predator, this game is all about building your base and fighting. You are the hunter in this game. It is a multi-player game. It will test your survival instincts too. Everything about this game is going to compel you to fight till the end!

  • Download Rust

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Final Words

Now you have a list of Minecraft like games. you can enjoy free games like Minecraft on android. I hope you will enjoy playing Minecraft. All these games are testes and If you found this article useful then don’t forget to bookmark this URL for future updates. Techwiki will continuously update this list in the future.

I hope you will like this article on Similar Games like Minecraft. Let me know which game is your favorite in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting techwiki… 🙂

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