Best Sites to Download Free Premium WordPress Themes

hosting a site on wordpress, then it is important to choose your template correct because your design is what makes your blog standout among your competitors. Also the only thing that makes your readers revisit your blog regularly apart from quality content is your website design. If people like the way you are presenting your content, then you can easily gain the trust among your readers. Lets know where to Download Free Premium WordPress Themes. Read More:

Download Free Premium WordPress Themes

So it is always important to choose a neat and simple template to make the readers comfortable with your content. In this article I have listed the 5 best sites where you can get free premium wordpress themes according to my experience.

6 Best Place Where you can Download Free Premium WordPress Themes:

#1 WordPress.Org

Probably the best site to download free premium wordpress themes is from the WordPress official site. There are thousands of free templates which can be chosen depending upon you niche. The number of themes this site offers is incomparable to any other sites available on the internet. I would strongly recommend to check with this website before going for other sites. The quantity of templates this site offers makes it the #1 site in the list.

#2 Colorlib

Colorlib has a wide range of categories one can choose from. They have templates which you can download for free and also premium templates which you buy. All their free and premium templates are fully responsive and customisable according to your need. They also have a support forum where you can get your queries answered. Go ahead and visit their website to know more.

#3 WPExplorer

WPExplorer provides free and premium templates you surely do not want to miss. They also give good discounts on wordpress hosting which can be tried for small niche blogs. They have unique tool called “Drag and Drop Total Theme” where you can create your own theme if you are not satisfied with any of their available themes. Register for free and try their free templates before it’s too late.

#4 Hongkiat

Hongkiat has a good collection of free premium wordpress templates which are fully customisable and responsive. There are various categories to choose from and also other tools for coding and development. They also give away freebies for their users which I think no other website provides. Go have a look if you want to know more.

#5 Creative Bloq

This portal has the best collection of free premium templates for regular casual bloggers. They provide good customisation features for professional bloggers as well. All their templates are fully customisable and 100% responsive and SEO friendly. You can browse through a wide range of categories and choose the best that suites your niche.

Hope you like this article on Best Place Download Free Premium WordPress Themes. If you more website from where you can download premium themes please share in comment box, Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives.


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