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5 of the Best Social Media Advertising Tips

Best Social Media Advertising Tips

Many of us resisted social media advertising because they thought that they are mere free tools to grow your business for free on social media platforms. But, if you were one of us, you might be surprised for knowing the fact that if you start spending money to advertise online, these social media ads might add a major chunk to your total revenue. If done properly, you might find it one of the cheapest way to reach people.

There are many digital marketers who are practicing into this field for so long that they can now smell the market trends and act accordingly. After talking to them we have jotted down a list of the most appropriate, actionable tips that will make your social media campaign go super successful.

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Best Social Media Advertising Tips

Best 5 Social Media Advertising Tips

1. Create multiple versions of the ad

Keep different ad formats created in advance. Write several ad copies, different images, adjust your target audience and the zone. Let it go live and if it is giving a CTR of below 1.5% then simply deactivate and try another one. Or you might consider activating multiple campaigns at once and deactivate all the campaigns except for the one which is performing the best.  Use multiple power words like Buy Now, Limited Period offer, interrogative statements etc.

Also, while targeting audience try to be on the higher side of five-digit number or the six-digit number. Targeting audience over million is more likely to not work.

2. Use an Action button

While creating a campaign you get to choose one out of the 7 different action buttons. Instead of ignoring it try to think which will suits you the best and use an action button for sure. If you still don’t feel any of them useful enough, try to keep “learn more” button instead of choosing nothing. Further, redirect it to your website. Adding an action button calls out your users to take a specific action, resulting to improved results.

3. Create a custom landing page

If the agenda of your campaign is conversions- sale, sign-up or subscription etc. then make sure you have a landing page where you user will be directed to. The best campaigns in the history have had great landing pages that contain related content to the campaign and have their messages crystal clear. Infact, a click through landing page can work wonders. It is basically an intermediate page between the ad and the cart (or destination page).

4. Mention price up front

Make sure to mention the price of the product or service that you are advertising. By doing this, you only attract those who are ready to pay the price that you’ve asked for. This will help you filter the audience at the first place. This also saves the pay-per-click cost that would have gone in vain and would not have turned to a conversion.

5. Promote a discount

In a survey done by Hautelook, 67% people agreed that they are more likely to get attracted to an ad that offers discount than that of those who don’t. It has been seen with Flipkart as well their highest revenue days are those when their very famous sale “the big billion days” are on. However, it is not necessary to have huge discount, but even 5% discount can lure more customers.

In the time of cut-throat competition, it is really important to learn from those who have been there and done that before. We have collected these 5 important social media advertising tips, we hope it will prove to be useful for you and your business.

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