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Learn English Online

Learning a new alphabet is not easy, but it is pretty accurate. We all remember the song from our childhood, but we can hardly remember what is next after C. In addition, we are wondering how to start learning the alphabet if you are already a little over 25 and you no longer listen to funny songs with cartoon elephants and no need to get help with English homework. There is a way out!

The alphabet will be the easiest thing to learn when learning English online. And while there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, the language has over 40 sounds, all of which you need to know.

When learning the alphabet, keep a few things in mind. The visual component is essential. Do not forget to write down all the learned letters and their sound. It will help you memorize notes faster for later use in writing. Try to say your name out loud in syllables. And although this advice may seem inappropriate, remember that in most countries, when booking a hotel or filling out documents, you will often be asked to pronounce your name in syllables. So train now!

Use flashcards. At the same time, do not forget that a word must accompany each letter. So you will remember not only the letter and how it is pronounced and the word that will later be associated with it. Flashcards are handy for developing visual memory, especially for those who learn English online without specific books and handouts.

Listen to the Basic Sounds

When you use the alphabet confidently, you are ready to start learning the basic rules of reading in English. If you suddenly wonder what the rules of reading are and why you can’t already freely start reading texts in English, knowing the entire alphabet, then let’s figure it out! Reading rules are combinations of letters in which a native speaker sees certain sounds. And I want to disappoint you that when you learn English online, the rules of reading can seem like absolute hell for you.

So, for example, the most difficult sounds for native speakers have always been:

  • TH or /θ/. Since this sound is absent in all latin languages, many students find it difficult to pronounce it. For many, this combination of letters will sound like / t /, / s /, / f /;
  • R /r/. And although it seems that it can be difficult to make a simple sound, all Slavs can be distinguished by how they pronounce this sound. There are a lot of cases in English when the letter “R” is pronounced differently. So, for example, it will sound completely different in the word “Red” and the word “Father,” and sometimes it will not be pronounced at all, as in the word “Iron”/aɪən/;
  • /w/ and /v/. Many will not understand the difference in these sounds, but believe me – it is there. And how you pronounce them matters a lot. Many will read these words like this: Water → Vater, Welcome → Velcome, Well → Vell, which is fundamentally wrong because the sound /w/ is pronounced on the exhale, with the lips curled into a tube, as if you want to pronounce the sound “O,” but say a sound similar to “B.”

Start Learning Words and Phrases in English

Learn the basic phrases of a foreign language to start speaking faster. You will use them regularly, so do not miss this point when learning English online.

Also, remember that it is better to learn any words with phrases. This way, you will know exactly which words go together and which do not. Do not forget about the sense of proportion. You should not know more than 10-15 words a day, no matter what resource you use to learn English online. At this pace, you can learn new grammar and have time to repeat it for better memorization.

Listening to Podcasts is Important

Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to learn English online. From the very first days of training, it is worth listening to at least one 15-minute podcast a day. Everyone can find a podcast to their liking. There are many resources on the Internet for all levels and for everyone who wants to learn English online. Remember that you are listening to native speakers when you listen to podcasts. It helps you understand intonation and accent. You can listen to podcasts while sitting at home and while doing any other business.

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