5 Best WordPress Security Plugin to secure your wp website

best wordpress security plugin

WordPress is a most popular and used content management system. Today almost every blogger use wordpress as a blogging platform. But many spammers trying to hack the wordpress websites. Hackers find the low security point of any wordpress websites and then attack on the website. Many poor security blogs are easily hacked by hackers. This Best WordPress Security Plugin guide will help you to secure your wordPress Blog.

Other security problem is malware and viruses that can harm any website. Many free and untrusted plugins and themes can install malware and viruses on the website. New bloggers searching new plugins and themes but they don’t know how to to choose plugins and themes.  So i suggest that not use an untrusted plugin and themes. This Best WordPress Security Plugin guide will help you to secure your wordPress Blog.

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best wordpress security plugin

Best WordPress Security Plugin To secure your wp Blog:

1.WordFence Security :

WordFence security  is one of the most popular and downloaded security plugin for wordpress. This is very useful plugin for wordpress websites, it is downloaded over 2+ million times. it can scan your all wordpress blog including plugins and whole theme and detect all viruses and malwares. This is completely free and open source plugin for everyone. But you can purchase a premium version for more advance features.

WordFence blocks malware attacks and secure your blog, You can block ip address, get live traffic reports, block traffic from selected contries and many other features coming with WordFence Security.

# Freatures of WordFence 

  • Advance Blocking for blocking any browser.
  • Block IP addresses
  • County blocking feature for blocking Ips of specific country.
  • Caching feature for speeding up your website.
  • Firewall protection for blocking malicious attacks.
  • Live traffic report

 2. Sucuri Security :

Sucuri Security is another best Wordpress Security Plugin for wordpress blogs and websites. This is a free security plugin that offer various feature for security like malware scanner, blacklist checker, website firewall, file integrity monitoring etc.

It also protect the website from scanner attacks, bruteforce attacks, boat attacks and secure website via firewall. This Plugin is installed over 300,000 on wordpress websites. Also keeps tracks all activity on the blog.

# Freatures of Sucuri Security

  • Security activity audit logging
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Effective security hardening
  • Post hack security actions
  • Security notifications

 3. iThemes Security :

iThemes Security is a nice wordpress security plugin that is provides 30+ ways to secure any website from malwares. It is installed on 800,000+ wordpress websites and providing the more secure environment to websites. It is fix common holes, automated attacks and strengthen use credentials. This plugin are available in free and premium both versions.

It scans the whole website and protect from many type of malware attacks like bruteforce, it also suggest users to create secure passwords. This is also provides a google reCaptcha for reducing comment spams on the blog.

# Freatures of iTheme Security

  • Two step verification
  • Monitoring every file for changes
  • Disable user login for multiple incorrect logins
  • Bruteforce protection
  • Helping user to create secure password

 4. Bulletproof Security :

Bulletproof Security is another popular wordpress security plugin for new bloggers because this is very simple to use for everyone. It offers firewall security, login security, database security, backup for website and much more. The main features of this plugin is database backup, .htaccess firewall and UI Theme skin changer.

It is installed in 100,000+ wordpress websites and rated 5 star by 258 users. It also provides IP blocking, fack traffic block, Code scanner for theme and plugins.

# Freatures of Bulletproof Security

  • One click setup wizard
  • .htaccess security protection
  • Login security
  • Authorized cookie expiration
  • Database backup
  • Scheduled database backup
  • HTTP error logging

5. All In One Wp Security & Firewall :

All in one wp security & firewall is another good security plugin for wordpress. This plugin reduce the security risk of wordpress website by checking all common security issues. It is very simple to use and upgrade your website’s security level. It helps you to protect your website from spammers and boat attacks. This plugin is currently installed in 500,000+ websites and growing more users.

It will help you for protecting .htaccess file, User login protection, Database security and protection from blacklisted IPs etc.

# Freatures of All In One Wp Security & Firewall

  • User accounts security
  • login security
  • Registration security
  • Database security
  • File system security
  • .htaccess file security
  • Blacklist functionality
  • Bruteforce attack protection
  • Whois lookup

Security is the most important part of any website, We need to perform serious action for protecting our website from hackers and other malicious attacks. So i recommend to use any wordpress security plugin and protect the website.

Resources: Google and my research.

Hope Best WordPress Security Plugin guide will help you to secure your wordpres blog . Please share this knoledge with your friends . Keep visiting…

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