Blancpain Collection: 6 Exquisite Luxury Timepieces of All-Time

Blancpain Collection

Blancpain is a watchmaker who resists easy classification and categorization. While it is still the oldest Swiss watchmaker, it is also a cutting-edge, modern brand that collectors adore for its more recent horological advancements. Let’s see about the Blancpain collection:6 exquisite luxury timepieces of all time.

Blancpain has never made quartz watches or had digital screens on their timepieces. Each watch is handcrafted by a single watchmaker and produced in small batches of less than thirty each day.

The firm produces intricate mechanical timepieces, including the first deep-diving watch, the tiniest watch mechanism, and the thinnest watch movement. The firm also makes some of the most opulent one-of-a-kind timepieces, including luxurious materials and intricate designs.

Blancpain Piece unique, Villeret Metiers d’Art “The Great Wave”

Blancpain watch might be the only watch of their kind in the world. It’s a manual-winding caliber 13R3A with an 8-day power reserve, so mechanically, it’s not too difficult. The power reserve indication it has been shifted from the dial to the bridge side, a unique feature of the movement.

It is a modified standard 13R0 movement, but this relocation of the indicator allows it to be seen from the case back, leaving the beautiful dial displayed without any distractions.

The wrist strap is made of calfskin and has yet been created by a Swiss master artisan and made of a lovely black material with exquisite, basic stitching on both sides of the band.

Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel

That’s the first timepiece to use a Chinese calendar. It was created in 2012 and included the minutes and hours of the Gregorian calendar and the critical parts of the Chinese calendar.

Included are the zodiac signs, five elements, double hour indicator, date, intercalary month movement, current month, moon phases, and celestial stems.

The watch is significant in watchmaking history since it is the first time Blancpain already attempted the traditional Chinese calendar, making it a historical horological complication.

The Calibre 3638 is a self-winding watch with a yearly production constraint of only 20 pieces. The crown features set with a Madagascar ruby, and the casing is platinum. The dial is fully-fired enamel, and the back is sapphire.

The Fifty Fathoms

In 1953, The Fifty Fathoms created. Jacques Cousteau, the famous oceanographer, donned it in 1957 while filming The Silent World, putting it in the public light.

The watch was one of the first to launch a new contemporary look for divers, specifically for combat swimmers. Deep diving and quiet swimming were among the operations completed by these special forces soldiers across the world.

The French Ministry of Defense’s frogmen force required a trustworthy watch that would not fail in deep waters, leading Blancpain to design the Fifty Fathoms.

The Ladybird

Blancpain designed the first Ladybird in 1956. This lovely woman’s watch was notable for setting a global record for being the world’s tiniest circular watch.

It used the Caliber R550 movement, which was just 11.85mm in diameter yet had a 40-hour power reserve. In the context of the time, this was a significant achievement.

The Ladybird model has always been a part of Blancpain’s ladies’ collections for the last 60 years. However, there have been many distinct versions.

Variations included versions set with jewels or performances with interchangeable straps as tastes evolved. Blancpain presented a 60th-anniversary edition of the Ladybird in 2016 at Baselworld.

2013 Tourbillon Carrousel

This watch made history when it was shown at Baselworld in 2013 because it merged the two systems for compensating for the effects of gravity on the watch’s balance wheel in one timepiece.

The tourbillon is the more well-known, whereas the carrousel is the less famous. Within each mechanism, there are multiple gear trains. Blancpain is the first to combine the two in a single timepiece.

Each issue gets meticulously identified to make it abundantly clear. The watch is stunning because the complexities within it are evident through the sapphire case back.

Mille Et Une Nuits

This model is a gorgeous watch for women, with 18-carat white gold, 467 diamonds, 30 rubies, and one pink sapphire cabochon. The mother of pearl dial has 48 diamonds and 38 rubies placed in it.

On the strap, there are 72 diamonds set in 18ct white gold. The timepiece has a total carat weight of 4.28 carats. The cost of this watch is estimated to be $142,598.

Its mechanism is somewhat smaller than a man’s watch. Still, it has all of the intricacies and self-winding features that a Blancpain premium wristwatch should have.


Blancpain’s movement designers can be justly proud of the world records they’ve set in the past and the advances represented in the present line. Still, they’re also focused on the future, planning fresh surprises that Blancpain will gradually reveal over the following years.




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