Boxing | Oleksandr Usyk Retained His World Heavyweight Titles 


On August 21, Oleksandr Usyk won the rematch over Anthony Joshua and retained WBO, WBA, IBF, and IBO heavyweight titles after 12 hard-fought rounds and hundreds of deviations. The fight was defined in a tight split decision, which showed that the Brit had made some real adjustments since their September’s 2021 first meeting. However, there was no doubt that Oleksandr deserved to be named the champion.

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What Makes Usyk So Popular?

Oleksandr Usyk very quickly became the world champion and belts owner in heavyweights. In all the previous fights, he took the initiative, answered each blow, and worked as the first number. Sasha always gives us spectacular boxing and combinations. Apart from this, he is good at making connections with his fans and audience. 

Before the rematch with Joshua, Usyk went to the press conference and official weigh-ins in a national costume, sang a song in Ukrainian, gave solos, and actively led social networks. Oleksandr has never been so self-confident before. All because of the status of the favorite.

The political situation was also in the hands of Usyk. It seemed that Joshua just couldn’t snap at the Ukrainian for obvious reasons. Anthony stood quietly aside and averted his eyes while Sasha gave solos.

The Ukrainian boxer has 20 wins, 13 of them by knockout, and not a single defeat.

The media reported that the match would bring the boxers $ 80 million, which they would split in half.

Bookmakers considered Oleksandr Usyk to be the favorite of the fight – before the start of the fight, bets on his victory were accepted with a coefficient of 1.57, and on Joshua’s victory – with a coefficient of 3.1.

Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua Rematch: Results

On the eve of the fight, the boxers finally decided on their equipment. The Ukrainian performed in white gloves. Part of Usyk’s uniform had elements of the national flag – blue and yellow.

The day before the fight, the Ukrainian and British boxers attended the weigh-in ceremony. Under Usyk, the weight showed 100.5 kg. Instead, Joshua turned out to be heavier by more than 10 kilograms – 110.9 kg.

As we have said earlier, a separate decision of the referees left the world champion titles with Oleksandr Usyk. Although, the fight was so close that none of the results would cause surprises.

Following the results of 12 hard-fought rounds, we can say that Usyk did not show outstanding boxing but showed brilliant physical shape. Mobility and speed again beat the power and pile of muscles. Sasha hit the British in a masterly way, tagging him with heavy shots multiple times. Even though Joshua learned the lessons of the first meeting well, it was not enough to stop the champ.

Rounds 1-8 

In the opening rounds, we could see the fighting in a lower stance, where the British tried not to fall into Usyk’s traps. That made it hard for Oleksandr to truly get a favor early. Due to this, Usyk began to switch up his tactics starting from Round 4 since he began to figure out the approach Anthony was taking.

Oleksandr began to circle more and fire off combinations to knock down Anthony’s mobility more than hurt him with any one shot. In turn, Joshua started making similar mistakes as in the first meeting, which led to chasing the Ukrainian and missing wildly from time to time.

Round 9

Joshua took the center of the ring. The exchange of boxers is over. Joshua tried to put in a blow and got caught with a left. An incredible number of blows and hits from the British.

In this round, Joshua remembered that he came to the championship fight and went forward. He battered Oleksandr around the ring, seemingly stunning the champion multiple times throughout the frame. As a result, the Ukrainian fled, fell to the ropes, and lost too much energy. Many hooks and uppercuts to Usyk’s torso slowed his movement, squeezed juices, and opened up the head.

Rounds 10-12

Starting from Round 10, everything went smoother for Usyk, who upped his output considerably, tagging the Brit with heavy shots multiple times. The latter began to fight with very straight, slow legs as Usyk took over and ensured a deserved victory.

The official scorecards after the fight were 115-113 and 116-112 for Oleksandr, and one 115-113 card turned in for Anthony.

Ukrainian world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) defeated British Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) in a rematch.

The fight took place in Saudi Arabia and ended in favor of the Ukrainian boxer by a split decision of the judges: 113-115, 115-113, 116-112. The Ukrainian began to concede to the opponent in the eighth and ninth rounds, but then he managed to seize the initiative and bring the matter to victory.

Who will Oleksandr Fight Next?

Shortly after the event, Sasha wanted to set himself another challenge: the WBC title. Of course, he had only one boxer in mind, that is Tyson Fury.

Although the “Gipsy King” announced his farewell twice, he hasn’t yet left his belts vacant. Thus, nobody knows whether his retirement is a reality or a form of distraction since no rival would represent a challenge for this moment of his career.

After defeating Anthony Joshua, Usyk has every right to look at the WBC title held by Tyson Fury. This will be a logical final of all the work done by Oleksandr. As for now, the 35-year-old Ukrainian is undefeated: 20 fights – 20 victories. But to become truly great, he still needs to beat gangster Tyson Fury.

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