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Call Of Duty Warzone: 10 Tips To Survive Solo Mode

Tips To Survive Solo Mode

The Solo Mode in COD is terrifying and seemingly difficult to win. We don’t blame you if you’re worried.  It’s hard to imagine a possible victory when you have to face 149 enemies alone on the battleground. Another terrifying thing is that your first weapon against these enemies is just that pistol and nothing else. But does it mean that no one wins? The answer is no. People win this game by applying proven and trusted warzone hacks to survive the terrible fights. Once you know what to do from the beginning until the end, you’ll possibly emerge as the last man standing. So, in this article, we’ll share 10 tips to survive the Solo Mode as a newbie or professional fighter. Check them below!

10 Tips to Survive the Solo Mode

1.     Land at the best spot

Since the game starts as soon as you land, it’s best to strategize your landing. Some of the good spots to target in the solo mode include Hospital, Farmland, and Hills. These spots in Solo mode have lots of loots to give you the necessary equipment to survive. If you also land in Farmlands, you can take out some enemies since it’s usually open.

2.    Make cash faster

It’s important to make cash fast. Once you get at least $14000, you can pay for a UAV and a loadout. These two perks are important to stay alive and take the 149th player down. That’s why you must loot to make enough cash for these advanced capabilities.

3.     Pick the right weapons.

If you want to survive the Solo mode, your weapons must be right. The more hard-hitting guns you find, the better your chances of survival. If you can get the AX-50, an Oden, you can easily shred the enemies no matter where they are on the map.

4.     Mind the Snipers on the rooftops

The land of Verdansk is filled with tall buildings where any enemy can hide and take your head off. Since you’re playing the Solo mode, there’s no backup to point out the imminent danger or even cover you. So, never expose yourself to those deadly snipers up there unless you’re the one there.

5.     Be creative with perks.

One of the perks you need in this mode is Ghost. Imagine staying hidden from 149 desperate and deadly fighters who want to take you down. That’s what Ghost can do for you. It can cover you from Heartbeat Sensors, UAVs, Radar Drones, etc. So, while others may be ignoring it, use it to buy some time at least.

6.     You must Study the Map.

This tip is very compulsory. You can’t navigate a land you don’t know and expect not to get lost or killed. By mastering the Map, you can pinpoint many regions and even good landing points. Also, you can use the Map to know the zones and spawn points.

7.     Be wary of Vehicle Users.

You can kill many players easily but not those coming at you with vehicles. No matter the number of bullets you offload on a truck, it’ll keep coming.

So, your strategy is to avoid such situations or get some heavy busters like the JOKR, Thermite Grenades, or the RPG-7. These bad guys will take any helicopter or truck to hell.

8.     Avoid Bloody Engagements

Don’t engage other players in a fight that you can’t win. It’s better to avoid hot confrontations and protect your life. Remember, you’re all alone, and shooting carelessly will attract other desperados to you. So, before you engage in these fights, make sure your position is protected and be fast to change after shooting others.

9.     Discover the direction of the Circle

The easiest way to discover the direction of the Circle is through the Recon Contract. Once you complete it, you can gain an insight into the movement.  You can know the area that will be safe to move through the yellow circle on the map.

Why is this important? You don’t want the gas to swallow you up before you get to a safe area. If you know the direction, you can even utilize it to kill more enemies and reduce the number.

10.    Use your Killstreak later.

No matter how tempted you are, don’t use the killstreak you bought or earned until the end. There are different kinds of Killstreaks capabilities that might save you during the final battle. So, if you get hold of one, keep it for that last enemy that may prove too hard to kill.


Playing Solo Mode is more challenging and terrifying than others. But if you’re up for the adrenaline rush, the hide-and-seek, the dangers, and threats, this game will give you all. Even though you don’t have any team members watching your back, the tips we’ve shared and the hacks you can get will make you a winner.

So, start your next battle in Verdansk prepared.

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