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Cheap Resume Writing Service: How Can It Get You Noticed?

Resume Writing Service

Your success in getting a new job fast depends on your resume. More than half of recruiters reject resumes because of poor grammar or clichés. Lack of career accomplishments, incomplete information or too casual writing style can also turn off the hiring managers. Under these circumstances, turning to a professional resume writer looks like a viable solution – you pay to someone who makes your CV a magnet for employers. If you are thinking “I need an expert to do my resume for me” but don’t want to overpay, consider a cheap CV writing service.

For example, AccuroResumes offers affordable resume writing services while providing the help from certified legal writers. You can also order a custom cover letter and thank-you note from a resume service to maximize your chances for an interview.

How can cheap resume writing services help you stand out?

It is possible to get an impressive resume even from the cheap CV writing service. An experienced writer will work on your accomplishments and results of work, writing style, keywords, and layout to provide you with the high-quality document. Here are just a few examples of improvements you can get from online services at a cheap cost:

Appropriate resume length

According to resume standards, a good resume should take 1-2 pages, depending on how many years of experience you have. If yours is longer, an affordable writer will make it shorter while preserving the most important information about your career history.

Focus on accomplishments, not tasks

Although it’s necessary to list your primary assignments, the main focus should revolve around results of work rather than tasks. If the words “accomplishment-driven resume” sound Greek to you, it’s best to hire a top writer near you – they’ll make your accomplishments pop at first sight.

Get rid of clichés: cheap resume writing service

The words like hard-working, result-driven, team-player and similar ones are considered buzzwords. They state obvious things without communicating any specific information about you as an employee. So, it’s best to delete them from the resume and replace with specific skills and achievements.

Add relevant keywords

Today’s resumes are checked by ATS before a human recruiter sees them. So, if you cannot speak keywords, your resume will be tossed. To avoid this, cheap resume writers use job- and industry-specific keywords that improve your resume’s relevance and help it to get shortlisted.

Write a catchy summary of qualifications

First impressions count – and since the recruiters review your resume for mere seconds, the first lines matter the most. Create a 2-3 sentence summary that shows off your biggest strengths, valuable skills or loud accomplishments. if you struggle to do it on your own, a UK or US writer can help.

Add numbers

“Consistently exceeded sales quotas by 20% on average during FY 2019” sounds better than “surpassed sales targets”, doesn’t it? Adding numbers gives your accomplishments more credibility and helps you create an image of a result-driven employee.

Explain career gaps

Employment gaps and job-hopping are huge deal-breakers. They make the recruiter assume that you are irresponsible, hard to work with, or lack professional skills. A professional writer will address these and other issues gracefully without undermining your professional image.

Format consistently

It’s not only the content, but also the looks that contribute to an overall impression about the resume. It’s important that your resume uses the same font and types of formatting throughout the document. The resume writer polishes the document so that it attracts the attention with its neat formatting and clear structure.

Accurate and error-free writing

Recruiters don’t tolerate errors and weak writing. Each sentence in your resume should be informative and written in flawless English. If writing isn’t your thing, don’t let it sabotage the success of your job search. Purchase a resume and get an application that shows your best side to an employer. Just make sure that you buy from a reliable company – check their guarantees and terms of service first!

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