Cloudbeds vs hotelogix- which one is better

When it comes to hotel management software, there are two names that you just can’t seem to miss. Cloudbeds and Hotelogix are two of the most popular software in the hotel management industry.

With that being said, most of the people choosing one of them confuse it with the other. With scores almost similar and user satisfaction ratio that is next to diplomacy, it is a really hard choice to make.

After going through quite a bunch of reviews and doing some intensive research, here is a list of the things that can finally separate them on some serious factors. So, finally the answer to the biggest hotel management IT question is finally here.

Cloudbeds vs Hotelogix – which one is better?

Cloudbeds vs Hotelogix

Client experience:

As one of the most important factors of all time, the user interface plays a great deal in the uplifting of any program. While both the software have an extraordinary interface, the latter falls short on some of the issues.

A survey was conducted where the data was collected from a number of users. According to the data, Hotelogix hotel management software was actually defeated by a slim margin. In the overall user experience, Cloudbeds scored 100% satisfaction to the customer while Hotelogix scored 98%.

While the odds are crazy and separated by a slim margin, it is a result that differentiates even if the margin is close to null.

Price Flexibility:

Let’s all face the facts here. Even if we have a product that’s extraordinary in performance, we check for an alternative with price flexibility. With not much to differentiate in features, price flexibility will play a crucial role in the matter.

While Hotelogix has both the option of flat $65 purchase and a quoted price, Cloudbeds only have a quotation based pricing.

While some people may suggest this to be a ridiculous point to judge, it is not so. The thing with the quoted price is that some to many buyers don’t know what they say. At that time, coming up with a specific price actually helps. This provides a subconscious message that the seller knows what the buyer wants.

With a quote, it makes the impression that the add-ons might just be a little extra. Even if the package is a standard package. The motive may be to the good side but understanding stays on the opposite.

Regional Based:

Now, this is a key game changer for both the software. While Cloudbeds hotel management software operates on the browser-based platform, Hotelogix has a custom-designed interface entirely.

Since Cloudbeds is a browser-based software, it functions in a relatively easier way for the operators. The understanding is simple- ‘You can’t expect everyone to be a tech-savvy sitting in front of a computer’. While the usual approach is supposed to be well-trained personnel on the job, in times of dire emergencies, it fails.

That alone describes the competitive success of Cloudbeds over Hotelogix. Since Cloudbeds is a US-based product, the product is more accessible to a larger population by default. But expecting every country or every user, particular to be a tech-savvy is off the mark. Since it is a browser-based platform, it can be accessed in an easier way.

Since, Hotelogix is a custom designed, interface module, it is a little complicated to use. The expectation to view every place a proficient IT literate area is wrong, Cloudbeds simply have an upper hand.


So, what integrations really are? Integrations are like plug-ins that make your job easier. So technically, the more the number of integrations support software, the easier it will be for you to handle.

With a considerable larger list of integrations supported, there is no doubt that Cloudbeds is more user-friendly than Hotelogix.

Cloudbeds has a considerable amount of third-party apps such as email, CRM, electronic signatures and reporting software. As compared to that of Cloudbeds, Hotelogix has a smaller list even if the list is equally potent.

As genuine logic suggests, the more you have to work with, the more you have the option to rely on. Since, some of the apps are considered as a major marketing giant, the winner to this comparison is clearly Cloudbeds.

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