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Common problems students face with research papers and the best solutions to them

the best solutions to them

Students consider research papers one of the most challenging tasks in academia. Due to their length, structure, and requirements, it’s no surprise these writing assignments are a nightmare for many. But are they that demanding? 

Although challenging, writing a good research paper is pretty doable, especially if you know how to approach the process. The following is a round-up of students’ common problems with research papers and the best solutions.

Trivial lack of time

Ask any student what they lack in academia, and most will tell you, “Time.” True, time is a deficit for learners, which often spoils their plans and forces them to adjust schedules and give up on many tasks. As a result, students frequently focus on primary tasks. Research papers that fall under secondary homework are often left behind, negatively influencing their average grades.

Insufficient knowledge in an assigned topic

Another reason is inadequate knowledge. While some students approach the task no matter their expertise, others don’t risk doing that, fearing total failure. Instead, they drop their colleagues a message, asking, “Do you know anyone who can write my research paper?” Nine out of ten get a positive response, letting them through an academic year. But what occurs to those who get a negative one? 

Incomplete or wrong structure

Many courageous students don’t seek anyone’s assistance and try to complete research papers themselves. However, in an attempt to write a research paper, they often hit rock bottom when they get an unsatisfactory grade. The root cause is typical: a wrong structure. Consequently, their enthusiasm drops proportionally to a low grade. And the next time they are assigned a research paper, they skip it because, purportedly, “Why put effort into writing it if you get C tops?” Read on to avoid falling into this existential trap.

Tips for an excellent research paper

Writing an impeccable research paper won’t occur in one day, but drilling will help you perfect your writing skills and result in higher grades. Use these three tips to compose a professional research paper.

Analyze the task in advance 

Learn what you need to do in your essay beforehand. Carefully analyze keywords and determine their meaning (make sure you know the difference between examine and describe, for instance). Completing this step will help you narrow down the actions you need to do to get an A-deserving grade.

Research and outline the piece

The idea behind a research paper speaks for itself: it focuses on carrying out research on a specific topic and drawing thought-provoking conclusions. Use credible sources when researching the subject, including Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Jstor. Once you find literature, outline your paper to speed up your writing session.

Meet the right structure

Every research paper must be properly-organized and follow the required structure. A typical research essay includes a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. Find any scholarly research paper to see an exemplary structure and format. The format, in turn, will vary depending on the academic branch your topic falls into. 

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