Console or PC: what should a novice gamer choose?


What to choose for a novice gamer – console or PC? This question torments many people who are just starting their journey into the world of video games. Therefore, consider the PC’s and consoles’ main advantages to understand your need.

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PC vs. consoles: advantages and disadvantages

It doesn’t hurt to examine the main nuances to understand what to buy, PC or console. Let’s review a few essential criteria to help you decide what to buy.


The computer is much better in power. Having a sufficient budget, you can build an absolute monster – with consoles, such a trick will not pass. Moreover, later PC can upgrade: for example, replace the graphics card or processor for a new model. The console can not boast of this possibility. By buying it, you can not make replacement of components.

Optimization and modifications

There is a perception that consoles are never faced with the fact that the game could be better optimized for them. But that’s not entirely true. Same Cyberpunk 2077 failed at launching on consoles: the players had to wait for several significant upgrades to play the project from CD Project somehow. If we compare the console with the PC, then, yes, the PC optimization problems are much more frequent (from the latest games released, the first to come to mind is The Callisto Protocol). Nevertheless, games are usually better optimized on consoles than on PC.

But! Here’s a counterargument in favor of computers. Consoles evolve in their closed ecosystem. And the PC can boast a huge fan base that creates a lot of valuable and exciting modifications aimed at improving popular games, including optimization. In consoles, this is not possible.


Of course, it is much cheaper to buy a PlayStation or Xbox. You don’t have to spend on dozens of components and take care of an excellent monitor. It is enough to buy a console, connect it to the TV, and play.

  • The PC is different. To play comfortably in all modern toys, you must shell out and pay at least $ 1000 – the minimum gaming computer built with peripherals (mouse, keyboard, and table with chair). 
  • In turn, the PS4 and Xbox Series S are only $ 400. The current PlayStation 5 is still much more expensive – at the moment, it will cost $ 900. Such a price is due to the good features and high power. 

In any case, a gaming PC is an expensive treat, especially if there is no computer desk with a chair.

Ease of use and assembly

Here the consoles are winning. Suppose you need help understanding computers and want to avoid splurging on ready-made assemblies. In that case, you will have to study a lot of information on the Internet to select the necessary components. Yes, and then have to take care of the iron: for example, the same trivial cleaning from dust. You can simplify the process by choosing a pre-made assembly. However, you will still be faced with cable management, where you have to think about a convenient connection of all wires (so that nothing protrudes, interferes, and does not lie around).

Everything is much more straightforward with the console: buy, connect, play. No additional settings, heaps of cables, and other nuances. Of course, you must also clean the console from time to time, but it’s easy. You can carefully remove the panel and clean yourself (you do not have to disconnect the components) or even take the console to a particular service (the system unit is heavier to drag).

Conclusion: consoles are easier to connect and in operation.


It may be the most controversial criterion. The console boasts its exclusives: which alone are projects such as God of War: Ragnarok, The Last of Us, Demons Souls, and many others, not available for any platform except PlayStation. As a result, the release of God of War PC owners has been waiting for several years, while the consoles have enjoyed the gameplay and Scandinavian mythology to the fullest.

The only thing you may not like is the prices of exclusives. Yes, games are several times more expensive on consoles than on computers. However, many people are used to paying for projects, at most $20, and on sale on Steam, and you can even get an exciting toy for five dollars – all thanks to the regional prices and huge discounts. The consoles also have to spend up to $ 60 for new items or up to $ 40 for old projects.

Moreover, multiplayer in PS is only available for a bit. For the opportunity to play with other players will also have to pay – to subscribe to PS Plus. Although in addition to multiplayer, you get access to a whole list of free games, which may slightly brighten the picture.

We should mention the Share Play feature that works on the PlayStation platform. Thanks to this feature, you can transfer control to a friend. You can buy one toy copy and share it with another person with a console. PlayStation owners each month give virtual gifts, but only if they use a subscription PS Plus.

What about the Xbox? Previously, Microsoft tried its best to plagiarize Sony by creating expensive exclusives for players. With the advent of Windows 10, the guys changed course and decided to bring their consoles closer to the computer. Today, Xbox games are available on PC – thanks to Microsoft. And Xbox also offers to buy a subscription – Game Pass, which will allow you to get a whole list of modern and old toys. Only with this will you be able to play them on both PC and console.


Let’s summarize

It’s time to combine all the information and decide which is better: console or PC.

There is no answer to this question. After all, in the first place, it depends on your preferences. You have to decide whether to have fun in some exclusive from Sony on the couch in front of a giant TV or play shooters and other similar dynamic toys on the PC. Yes, playing multiplayer shooters is much easier and more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard than with a joystick.

As for prices, of course, the winner is the computer. We may have to spend money on the system unit and peripherals, but the toys cost pennies compared to console projects. In the long run, the PC may be more budget-friendly.


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