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Valve came up with the idea of selling skins to users in 2013. CS:GO became the first game with such an accent on cosmetic items. Even though these items don’t mean to improve performance, they create a large amount of content for the huge mass of fans of the shooter.

Needless to say, Valve generates an important economic income with the passes of each prestigious tournament. Over the past 12 months, we have seen the continuous increase in players, a record audience for Majors, and massive community support. But what has surprised the stage the most was the benefit generated by the stickers. It exceeded $70,000,000 during the last year.

Of course, the week of the tenth CS:GO’s anniversary brought huge hype and income, with more than 65 stickers created by the community. However, in just one month, fans will have another chance to cheer on their favorite teams through the purchase of in-game stickers. ESL will host the second Major event in Rio de Janeiro with the support of the https://gg206.bet/en-ca broadcast platform.

With that being said, not everyone knows that the skin and sticker market is not only an attraction for fans but also one of the main pillars for the creators. Thus, let’s see the process of creating stickers and how much designers can earn on them.

The Process of Creating CS:GO Skins

Creating skins requires a certain level of skills, a lot of time, and many of Valve’s criteria to fit in. That’s why you need a structure to follow for a favorable result. Here are the essential steps to take into account when designing your work.

  1. Start with a theme that can be related to CS.
  2. Look for references that may inspire you.
  3. Sketch all the ideas that come to your mind about that theme.
  4. Design the right composition for the player’s experience.
  5. See what the stickers look like inside the Source engine.
  6. Check for the visual effects of holographic and reflective ones.
  7. Work on the presentation to show the CS:GO community.
  8. Make a logo and load your work into the Steam Workshop.

However, such a plan has many pitfalls, including different varieties and patterns of the game that should be distinguished by small details. Let’s take an in-depth view of this subject.

What Programs are Needed?

Some skin makers recommend using Adobe Photoshop to develop the design, while others think that the program is outdated. The younger generation of designers prefer Adobe Substance Painter. The latter allows users to paint materials and textures immediately onto 3D objects, which is widely used in game production. However, you can draw in any suitable application for raster graphics.

 First of all, decide what you need it for. To create a really high-quality coloring, you will have to “kill” a lot of time, you need Photoshop skills, patience and desire.

So, to make a skin in cs go, you will need:

  • Global Offensive;
  • Photoshop and skills to work with it;
  • CS GO SDK or GCF Scape;
  • vtfedit.

How Long Does it Take?

In general, the entire process of creating skins depends a lot on skills and creative ambitions. Some artists can design one painting for years by constantly adding interesting details or changing something. And indeed, it is no surprise that skin making is incredibly time consuming, since you need to come up with a unique design, embody it in a two-dimensional version, and then transfer it to a 3D model in the game.

 Of course, it will not be possible to create a CS:GO skin in 5 minutes. But to argue that this is an extremely complex and time-consuming process, which is better not to be taken at all, we will not. On YouTube you will find a lot of free Russian-language content, which is well explained how to create your first skin for the Workshop step by step. After watching the video guides, you will clearly understand how to draw a skin for CS:GO.

Along with it, the drawing process itself takes less time than searching for crutches in CS:GO Software Development Kit, through which you will see what the stickers look like inside the Source engine.

Skin Making is Profitable Work

Since there is a confidentiality agreement between the artists in the community and Valve, the most interesting question regarding the profits of skin makers was never answered.

The way to make money on skins in CS:GO works both in the game and out of the game. A way that does not require investments, namely to play CS:GO matches and hope to get skins and cases that can then be sold. It is not worth hoping for a big profit, but sometimes expensive skins can fall out, it all depends on your luck. The result is very simple, play a lot and hope for a good drop at the end of the match.

However, there have been exceptions, such as the contests, where the game developer has openly shared data. Therefore, in April 2017, Valve reported that they had published more than 90 skins created by the community, generating an average of $40,000 per design. In the Dreams and Nightmares contest, they tried a one-time payment of $100,000 to each winner. Apparently, skin-making is profitable work but with many pitfalls.

How Much Players Earn on Skins?

Creating skins and stickers, in particular, is not something about insurance since there are no guarantees as to whether your work will be accepted by Valve. Of course, this may lead to stressful situations, especially when it’s hard to fully understand the criteria.

That said, if Valve approves your skin and takes it into the game, you will receive a reward as a percentage of each open case. Even though Valve prohibits disclosing most of the data, it is public knowledge that 25% of the sales generated equally are distributed among the creators independently of the quality of each one’s work.

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