Dreamy S1: Large diameter ridge spring, this latex mattress is really comfortable

Dreamy S1: Large diameter ridge spring, this latex mattress is really comfortable

As a SweetNight technology ecological chain enterprise, SweetNight has conducted in-depth research on scientific sleep for many years, and many of its bed products have won praise from netizens. I recently bought this SweetNight Dreamy S1 large-diameter ridge-protecting spring latex mattress. I have tried it for many days and it feels very good. Let me share it with you. For those who are going to buy bedding recently, you can refer to it!

This mattress is 25 cm thick and has a double-sided design to meet different sleeping needs. The outer layer of the mattress adopts Clean lab, a healthier silver ion antibacterial fabric, and adds Swedish Polygiene silver ion antibacterial agent, the antibacterial effect is trustworthy.

When you open the jacket, you can see that there is also a layer of white and fine inner tank design. The mattress body is divided into three layers: the upper latex layer (front), the lower jute layer (back), and the middle black diamond spring support layer. Because of the layered zipper design, the inner jacket can be easily removed for cleaning.

High-quality Thai latex with a thickness of 3 cm, which also makes the front of the mattress very soft and comfortable to sleep without any odor.

Most of the latex products we usually see are processed by the traditional Dunlop steam method, and the latex of this Dreamy S1 large-diameter ridge spring latex mattress adopts the latest Italian Schcott technology, 0 glue is integrated. Molding, the latex is more fine and uniform, and the elasticity and comfort are impeccable.

As a good mattress, its reverse side is made of jute material with moderate hardness. The raw material is taken from the natural origin of the Ganges River in Bangladesh. It has superior elasticity and toughness and provides better support for the spine. Friends who like to sleep on hard beds must try this noodle.

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As the main support material of the mattress, its spring is a black diamond spring with a diameter of 3mm, which has good strength and toughness, and has a good mute effect. And each spring is wrapped with DuPont high-performance non-woven fabric. The whole mattress has 360 independent large-caliber springs, and we can feel the right support when we sleep and turn over every day.

In fact, we are very busy every day now, and we need a good sleep when we get home, so that we can start better tomorrow. This mattress is worth recommending in terms of sleep comfort, antibacterial and anti-mite, or fashion design elements. Choosing a good mattress is actually the best concern for yourself and your family. What do you think? ?

Well, that’s it for this Dreamy S1 Large Diameter Ridgeguard Spring Latex Mattress. A good day starts at night, life is a long way, it’s never too early or too late, let’s sleep 8 hours a day 

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