Emoji Guide: Virtual Body Language

Emoji Guide

Communication has various forms and has radical changes with the advancements of modern technology with Emoji Guide. It has transformed in the most convenient ways and continues to serve as our bridge to the people we hold most dear. Distance barely affects the very fabric of deep relationships because of these technological improvements. 

We cannot be thankful enough to the people who invented these innovations; we can instantly communicate with our loved ones because of these innovations. Today, few clicks will do the trick, and you get to feel their presence even with just letter characters. Emojis are the key to a more flavorful connection and more comprehensive virtual body language. 

Folded Hands Emoji Guide

We tend to be very flexible in the digital age to utilize our technology’s complexity and versatility further. We cannot initiate body language or gesture at all if we are stuck messaging through text or messenger. However, these emojis can express virtual body language for a more engaging and realistic conversation. 

For instance, you are caught in a tight situation, and you ask assistance from a friend; you can send the thank you emoji to show gratitude to the person who has done you a great favor. The folded hands emoji or thank you emoji shows hands positioned for praying, similar to the gesture we do to show deep appreciation. 

Handshake Emoji Guide

Handshakes are commonly done when two parties meet at one end and come to a cooperative agreement. In this current pandemic situation, it is almost impossible to do handshakes as it can increase the risk of disseminating infection. Since we are compelled to work and communicate online, you can do your handshakes via messaging. 

If you have closed a deal to a particular customer or client, the handshake emoji is best used in those kinds of favorable situations. Although people barely use emojis on professional matters, sending this emoji can still be used in casual conversations or clients wherein you have developed a deep rapport.  

Clapping Hands Emoji

One of the sincerest ways to show appreciation or praise for others’ impressive performance is by applauding. You can use the clapping hands emoji to emphasize your delight of your friend’s success stories. This emoji shows two hands faced to each other with the claps represented by small rays. 

If your brother or sister got a job promotion, or if your colleague has done an outstanding work performance; you can send them the clapping hands emoji together with numerous smileys to express that you also rejoice with their triumphant moment. 


The digital era has brought us to an entirely different society level wherein living is almost made online. Gone are those days wherein we have to wait for months before receiving our letters; almost all things can be done with just a few clicks. Another good thing about these emojis is that it starts with the yellow emoji so as to avoid biases and discriminations. 

While we cannot fully control everything surrounding us, we must learn to understand that life is not all about an individual’s perspective, but its alignment to the more feasible reality. Yes, technology has its pros and cons; we must adapt more to its positive outcomes rather than to cling to the negative inputs it can engrave in us.

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