Everything you need to know about neurosurgery

Everything know about neurosurgery

Everything you need to know about neurosurgery. Who is a neurosurgeon? 

A neurosurgeon is specially trained doctors who aid in the treatment of diseases oh the nervous system which includes the disorders in the,

1) Brain

2) Spine

3) Spinal cord and

4) Nerves

The disease that can be treated may be anything from a brain tumor to a slipped disk or even carpal tunnel syndrome. The major work for neurosurgeons is usually in the spine. 

When do you know you will have to see a neurosurgeon?

You should check yourself with a neurosurgeon when you feel the symptoms are bad and they have an effect on your daily activities. If the effects are holding you back or hindering you from being able to perform your day to day activities. Or, if you find yourself with ‘red flag signs’ like, 

  • Weakness
  • Unbearable pain
  • Deficits in sensation or numbness 
  • Tingling

At that time, you can take a check-up with your family doctor or just directly meet a neurosurgeon. 

Few people always get themselves confused with neurologists and neurosurgeons, they are not exactly the same and have a lot of differences among them. 

Differences between neurologist and neurosurgery

If you’re troubled with uncontrollable headaches and cannot understand why even after trying all medications, your general doctor will refer you to a neurologist who gets you checked and diagnosed for some ailments. If the neurologist comes up to the conclusion that you need surgery to treat the discomfort, then he might refer you to a neurosurgeon, who in turn will perform the required surgery on you. Neurosurgeons are trained to deal with problems related to trauma and the neurologists take care of problems that can be treated with medications. Neurologists are far more experienced in diagnosing and managing diseases in the nervous system. They are going to be much more skilled. The neurosurgeons manage trauma, concussion, brain injuries, sometimes brain tumors that have to be treated with surgery. Neurologists are particularly good at conducting the electrodiagnostic test which tells us how our nerves start working. After they are being diagnosed often, they result in surgery where the neurosurgeons play their part. 

Neurosurgery hospitals

Hospitals always have their doors opened to anyone who is in pain or going through discomfort.  They make sure to give you a very comfortable experience with anything you’re undergoing. There’s no “No solution” to any problem. There are well-trained doctors, surgeons. It has different departments for all kinds of issues. They treat with utmost care and love. The best neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. have never disappointed anyone who’s trusted it. In these neurosurgery hospitals, you are first checked and your problem is diagnosed if it’s present. Then the doctors explain things to you and the required action is taken. If your issue can be treated without operating then one can choose that. If you have to experience surgery, the doctors make sure to give you a very calming and soft experience. 

Do you want to become a neurosurgeon?

First, you need to do four years of undergraduate and then, you have to get into a medical school, then you have to take your MCAT and that’s for four years. After that, you get into the neurosurgery residency which is for like, seven years with a year of research. It generally takes 15 years to reach a stable state. Adding additional training into these years will increase them by one or two years total. Patience is really required. Neurosurgery is particularly emotionally challenging. One has to very strong to take up and become a neurosurgeon. 

Importance and uses of Neurosurgery

It plays a vital role in combating all diseases related to the nervous system in our body. They relieve us from the pain we undergo because of the problems in our nervous system. The surgeons operate on all people from a newborn to an old person.  They also treat problems that affect the flow of blood to the brain. A person’s rehabilitation will also improve the patient’s life after the surgery. Neck pain, stroke, chronic pain, epilepsy, back pain can also be cured. 

There are the best neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, and all over the world which are trustworthy and promising. One shouldn’t think twice to check because we all only live once. Doctors are there always to help us live comfortably without any problem. One definitely has to stay healthy, but, when situations take a turn, you can be helped. Please visit a doctor if you feel you have any issues regarding your health.

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