Fantasy World Cup 2022: Best Goalkeepers & Defenders

The first round of matches in World Cup 2022 is now over and the championship has already provided us with some excellent games and intriguing results.

England started with a resounding 6-2 result over Iran in their opening matchup, while Germany and Argentina suffered unexpected losses to Japan and Saudi Arabia respectively. The Spanish national team secured their spot as one of the new favorites after a stormer with a 7-0 sweep of Costa Rica, while the and other bookies’ pick Brazil started their campaign with a 2-0 win over Serbia.

While fans had some good time to enjoy, there have been many players of the Fantasy World Cup game with mixed feelings about their next selections. That’s why we’ve decided to look at some tips, the best players’ picks, captain, and team selection that will help them to manage the team in the following matchday of FIFA Fantasy. So, without further ado, let’s get started with top players from two positions: goalkeepers and defenders.


In this section, we will take a look at the top goalkeepers you may choose for your fantasy roster. These options could be smart for wildcard squads (one of the available boosters) of football managers who applied this perk previously and now are preparing their roster for the next matchups.

How to Pick Best Goalkeepers

We don’t want to give you the fish only, we want to teach you fishing. So, before moving to our top selections, let’s examine some criteria to consider when choosing the best goalkeepers for your WC fantasy roster.

  1. Clean sheet. When choosing goalkeepers, you always want a player that has a very high chance of a clean sheet. So, it is worth investigating WC 2022 clean sheets odds to find squads who are most likely to keep a clean sheet on the next matchups.
  2. Two goalkeepers. It is best to have two playing keepers on a different time. With that, you might substitute if the first one will not keep a clean sheet.
  3. Substitutions. If one keeper who plays earlier does not score enough points (four points or less) you can substitute him with another goalkeeper that is yet to play on another day.
  4. Saves potential. When considering a goalkeeper, you have to take a look at events and assess whether a certain player has the potential for a clean sheet. In that sense, it is best to ask yourself whether he has a tough or easy MD.

These tips will help you maximize the WC points gained from your goalkeepers. Now, let’s move on to our top selections you may consider for your fantasy roster.

Top Selections

Here is a list of top keepers depending on their price options:

Budget shot-stoppers: Andries Noppert ($4.5m), Aymen Dahmen ($4.0m), Sergio Rochet ($4.0m).

Mid Priced selections: Ochoa ($5.0m), Schmeichel ($5.0), Dominic Livakovič ($5.0m).

Premium picks: Manuel Neuer ($6.0), Wojciech Szczesny ($5.5m), Malcolm Allison ($6.0m).


Similarly to goalkeepers, there are some factors you need to pay attention to when picking defenders for your fantasy team. Let’s dive into them first, and then look at some top defenders with their respective price brackets.

How to Pick Best Defenders

There are many defenders you may choose in the game. However, only a few of them offer the potential to score the most points for your roster. Here are the major tips to follow:

  1. Clean sheets. This is the most crucial factor you should consider, as clean sheets affect the source of fantasy points for defenders. And in the game, defenders are awarded with 5 points for clean sheets.
  2. Attacking potential. Assess whether a defender has potential to attack. It is best to ask yourself whether he scores goals after corners or/and free kicks, whether he plays in an advanced position to register a few assists, and so on.
  3. Five defenders. Since the formation of your roster does not matter, if one of your players fails to deliver, you can replace him with another defender who is yet to play.
  4. GoQW. Defenders are given seven fantasy points for a goQW but only three for an assist. Thus, it is crucial to pick those who have a high chance of scoring a goal.
  5. Rock-solid defense. Since defenders are deducted 1 point for each goal conceded, prioritize players with a strong defense. Even if they fail to stop their opponent from scoring, they concede one goal maximum, and your squad is not given minus fantasy points.

Top Selections

Here is a list of best defenders depending on their price options:

Budget shot-stoppers: Antonee Robinson ($4.0m), Joakim Maehle ($4.5m), David Raum ($4.5m).

Mid Priced selections: Alphonso Davies ($5.0m), Achraf Hakimi ($5.0), Kieran Trippier ($5.0m).

Premium picks: Denzel Dumfries ($6.0), João Cancelo ($5.5m), Nicolás Tagliafico ($5.5m).

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