How to Setup feedburner email subscriptions in WordPress


An must do step I suggest every blogger to Setup feedburner email subscriptions For WordPress Blog after creating a blog. It have free service to set up RSS feed and track the performance. feedburner email subscriptions owned by google allow you to send every post directly to your users email inbox. Read More:

feedburner email subscriptions


Benifits set up of feedburner email subscriptions:

  • It’s free, simple to use.
  • Offers features like free email subscription, email delivery time, and email subject title.
  • no limit to the number of subscribers using Feedburner.
  • You can also use Adsense to monetize FeedBurner feeds.
  • More options for tracking your feed and email subscriber.

Guide To Set up FeedBurner RSS feed:

  1. Open Google FeedBurner and Sing in using your Gmail account. On this page you will see option to add your blog URL. Enter your blog URL and click on NEXT.set up feedburner 1
  2. Enter your blog feed URL and click on next.set up feedburner 2

NOTE: For any WordPress blog your default feed would be something like : Replace with your domain name.

3.  In the next page specify the feed name. Keep it same as your domain name. If you are creating a micro niche site, use your Keyword in Feed title, Reach your feed to more target audience.

4. In the next screen , you will get a confirmation message stating that your feed is ready.

Now you have successfully created a fedburner feed for your blog. Now, all you need to do is install FD feedburner plugin, and redirect all WordPress default feeds to feedburner email subscriptions.

Hope you enjoy this article on feedburner email subscriptions. let us know if you have any problem while setting up your RSS feed? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends… 


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