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Five of the Best Educational Video Games for PS4

Educational Video Games

Many gamers use their consoles for entertainment, socializing, making friends and spending free time. Did you know that there are PlayStation games that can be used to teach you?

Video games are meant to be engaging and fun experiences that allow you to entertain yourself whenever you feel bored. There is more to video games than this.

Even the most fantasy-like video games can teach you a few lessons, or provide direct information about a topic you didn’t know much about.

This is why video games can be both informative and educational.

There is an entire genre of educational games. This genre includes games that help players develop cognitive skills or improve their knowledge of selected topics. If you need more help, you can use thesis help when doing your homework.

To help you learn and have fun, I’ve compiled this list of the top educational games for PS4.

These are the top five choices we recommend that you make for your teenage child’s future.


StarCraft was first released in 1998. The StarCraft franchise has over 10 versions of the game and licensed merchandise.

It doesn’t sound like a military science fiction game in which different alien species compete for dominance. It’s a strategy game, so it can help players increase brain flexibility. They can use brain resources to solve difficult situations. This is an important aspect of human intelligence.


SimCity, another game that we have on our list, was released in 1989. SimCity is an open-ended game about building cities. The goal of the game is to build a city on a piece of land that has been left undeveloped.

This includes infrastructure, parks, public services, and tax rates. It also affects budget, social, and other policies. Your city’s entertainment is another important factor in attracting and keeping residents. You can find everything from sports venues to casinos where residents can play poker and other games. You might also want to offer a sign-up bonus, similar to the PA Online Lottery bonus codes that have been so popular.

This can teach your children valuable lessons about money and finite resources, as well as the consequences for making poor decisions.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is an adventure platform puzzle game in which you control Sackboy, a character that navigates through levels trying to find items or battle forces.

It’s not surprising that the series’ tagline is “Play, Create and Share”. You can also create your own levels, which you can then share across the PlayStation Network. You can create your own characters, scenery, and obstacles by using your imagination.

The Escapists

The Escapists is an escape game that takes place inside a prison. The second game in the series is currently available. It features retro-style graphics and the goal of the game: to free your character from prison.

We don’t encourage your children to do this! This game will challenge you to think, plan, and time your way out of every scenario. This game will test your logic and discipline, so you must adhere to prison routines in order to avoid being caught by guards.


Civilization, currently in its sixth installment, is a strategy game widely considered to be the best. You aim to be Ruler of The World, advancing civilization through the space age and starting from the dawn of time.

As you face off against some of the greatest leaders in the history, wage wars, manage diplomacy, and discover new technologies,


In conclusion, video games can be used to teach and educate players. From strategy games like StarCraft and Civilization to open-ended games like SimCity and Little Big Planet, there are a variety of educational video games available for PS4. These games can help players develop cognitive skills, improve their knowledge of selected topics, and learn valuable lessons about money and finite resources. If you are looking for an educational game for your teenage child, the five games listed above are some of the best options available. For those who need extra help with their studies, essay writing services can provide assistance in researching and writing essays on any of these topics.

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