Four of the Best Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Social media has changed the way we read information and communicate with one another. Depending on what you are interested in, there’s a different app for you. So if you wish to post pictures, it’s Instagram, or if you prefer 1 minute videos then Tik Tok is at your disposal. 

New social media apps are popping up every day, but very few become part of the mainstream. The last social media app that gained a lot of hype was Clubhouse, but it hasn’t gone on to golden heights that were predicted. It might be because of Twitter’s equivalent, Twitter Spaces. On the other hand, the phenomenon of audio listening may have just been a fad.

Social media apps are not only great to consume information, but excellent vehicles to produce content. By making content online, many platforms have allowed people to create a business from home, and earn some extra money to pay the bills. 

Let’s get started, here are some of the best social media apps available to download. 


Facebook is one of the oldest and most used social media apps on the market. It’s estimated that there’s over 2 billion monthly active users. Thus, if you have a business, using Facebook is paramount. 

You can also play games on Facebook, with many gaming titles such as Zynga Texas Hold’em and Zynga Slots. You play against others with virtual money and the more you play and win competitions, the higher you rise in the leaderboards.  

Playing casino games for free on Facebook is the perfect place to start before playing for real money. To help find the best place to play, there are comparison sites that assist players with information about the best casino offers, the different types, and how to claim them. There are also expert reviews about casino games, and you can play them for free using demo versions as much as you want.

The features on Facebook are extensive. You can message and video call your family and friends for free, and post on your timeline what you’re up to. In addition, the story feature allows you to upload a video or image shown to your friends for just 24 hours. 


The micro blogging platform, Twitter is the place where news breaks first. As each Tweet is a maximum of 280 characters, each one has to get to the point fast. However, for a longer story, many take advantage of threads, where each Tweet is attached together. 

Also on Twitter, you can take advantage of Twitter Spaces. These are essentially private radio stations, where you record a live audio recording. Others join the space and can contribute to the discussion. In recent months, listenership has grown exponentially, with some Twitter Spaces attracting over 1 million listeners. 

Through the use of hashtags or keywords, you can find any information you desire, all at your fingertips. So if you are interested in chess, you are able to customize your timeline to everything chess related by following the relevant hashtags. 

Furthermore, Twitter is an excellent place to network. Because you can find like minded people, you can follow one another and take advantage of the direct message function. You can even create chat groups with others on Twitter. 


Known as the professional version of Facebook, LinkedIn has grown in popularity over the years. The platform is preferred by workers and business owners because of the element of trust it offers. Your profile page is essentially an online CV, and others endorse you for your skills. 

LinkedIn is perfect for finding a new job, or to make sales. The Sales Navigator is the ideal tool to niche down the type of person you are looking for. From there, you are able to get all the contact information and pitch your offer. 


Instagram is the king of images, and is widely used by Gen Z and Millennials. The story function is the most popular aspect of the social media app, where users share their experiences. 

On Instagram it’s possible to message anyone who you follow, so even though the chances are slim for a reply, you can get in touch with celebrities. 


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