How To Get Free Akismet API Key For WordPress Blog

Hello friends, Today i am going to discuss about a WordPress anti-spam plugin named “Akismet”. Akismet is free plugin by WordPress parent company Automattic. Akismet is one of the best WordPress anti-spam plugin and highly recommended. It will protect your blog from spam comments.

Spam comments are not new to you. since you start blogging you will see some spam comments as Genuine. Akismet is Solution of making WordPress spam free.

get Akismet Api

Earlier, you will get free Akismet API after signup on for a free account on In this post i will Guide how to Get free Akismet API.

Way To Get Free Akismet API:

First Install Akismet Plugin using this link. your can directly install it from your WordPress Dashboard or by uploading manually. After activating it and when you use you need to enter the Akismet API key.

When you click on “Get your key”. you will be directed to Akismet’s website where you will get upset after not seeing “free” option. But don’t worry here’s solution.

Here is the way out:

  • Direct link-— signup here– you may use WordPress account to signup.
  • Click on “Basic.”

Now, scroll price bar to Zero. Fill your First name and last name. Click Continue button.

After pressing continue button, you are successfully register and yourAPI key is generated. use this API key to Akismet plugin.

akismet 3

This way you will get free Akismet subscription. Now, enjoy spam free blogging. If you ever forget your Akismet API key, you can use this link to recover lost API key.

I hope this Guide will help newbies bloggers quickly get their free Akismet API key. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask me via the comments. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

Happy Blogging… 🙂

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