How to Ensure Safety for Your Outdoor Activity with Technology

gofindme gps tracker

Do you like traveling with groups or worried about your family members? It is very easy to get lost while traveling in groups. And its very hard to locate the lost person. But In this technology edge, you can locate anyone using the GPS tracker. In this article, I am going to tell you about an amazing GPS tracker device. The device’s name is GoFindMe GPS Tracker.

But also it is very hard to find out the best GPS Tracker in the market because if you choose the wrong GPS tracker, Then it may be dangerous to someone’s life. I am sharing the GoFindMe cool feature and specifications to you according to my experience.

What is GoFindMe GPS Tracker

gofindme gps tracker

GoFindMe GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device developed by Aiblue. It is a very popular GPS tracker for hiking. GoFindMe allows you to track up to 32 group members, your older parents, and pets. It transmits the accurate location coordinates to other pair devices. You can track the live location. It will work without cell service or monthly fees. Just you need to download Android or IOS app to pair other devices.

It has 5 miles range signal. Also, you can enable Mesh Mode to expand communication distance. It can work up to 72 hours on a single charge. It is Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and withstands cold weather. Please find some amazing and cool features below.

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Key Specifications

Dimensions 5.12″ * 1.42″ * 0.67″
Weight 85g (battery included)
Material PC engineering plastic
Waterproof & dustproof rating IP67
Operation temperature -20℃ – 60℃

Features Of GoFindMe GPS Tracker

1. Real-Time Location and Tracer

Live tracking

GoFindMe GPS Tracker has inbuilt GPS and other modules that transmits GPS coordinates. The real-time tracker will help you to track your groups while mountain hiking or camping. You can also use it to track older people, kids or pets. You can also record your traces and share it with your friends via facebook. The recorded traces also help you to watch on your kid’s activity.

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2. SOS Button for Emergency


GoFindMe has an SOS button. When you press the SOS button, All the paired devices will get an alert with the location information transmitted from your device. It will help you in the worst situations like accidents or any other incidents. SOS feature still works when your phone or tablet connected to the GPS Tracking Device is powered off. This feature makes it better than other GPS trackers.

3. Off-Grid Communication

Off-Grid Messaging

GoFindMe device are able to transmit the radio signals in long-range. While mountain hiking the most common problem is the weak internet signal. It is very harder to communicate with your groups while hiking. GoFindMe provides the Off-Grid Messaging feature. You can use the app to communicate with your groups with the internet, mobile signal or wi-fi. You can send text or voice messages via the app. Also, this feature is completely free, No monthly fee is required.

4. Off-Line Maps

3 Off-Line Maps

To use Google Maps, you need an internet connection. But in GoFindMe there is an offline map feature, where you can download maps to use it offline. To meet the different needs of users, GoFindMe GPS Tracker offers 3 high-definition offline maps to use: Google Map, Google Satellite and Google Terrain. You can always locate and find people or pets on maps clearly and accurately. You can use the Google Satellite map to get the arial view of your loved once.

5. Set Safe Zone and Alarm

Safe Zone Set and Alarm

This feature will allow users to set a safe zone for your group, kids or pets. It will makes your work easier. you can easily track anyone with this features. you can set a Safe Zone on the using the app. Once any one of them with GoFindMe GPS Tracker device gets beyond the boundary, you get alerts and notifications immediately. This is a very interesting and unique feature among other GPS trackers.

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Where to use the GoFindMe GPS tracker?

1. To track pets


It may be the best GPS device for you if leave your pets outside. Pets actually can wander very far and then get lost. To protect your pets, you need to create a safe zone on the map in-app. you will get alerts and location information once your pet moves outside of the safe zone. No more worry about wandering pets.

2. To protect your old parents and kids


As we all know that kids and our older parents love to spend time outdoors. It’s very obvious to worry about their safety. That’s why GoFindMe is the most useful device for you. It will help you to track the real-time locations of your kids and your older parents. This will help you find your family members if they lost.

3. For travelers and adventurers

When you are traveling up in the mountains with your group. It is quite easy to get lost while hiking. You can communicate with your group members via text or voice messages. Set a location on the map with a target to help others find you too. You can also press the SOS button if you need any help in case of emergency.


All the above amazing features make the GoFindMe GPS Tracker best in the market. You can use this GPS device to locate someone with a live tracking feature. You can also communicate with group members while hiking in the mountains. you Beside this GoFindMe GPS Tracker, there is Car GPS tracker. Please also check it out.

I hope you will like this article on “How to Ensure Safety for Your Outdoor Activity with Technology”. Let me know if you like this amazing device in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting techwiki… 🙂

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