Golden Ways to Increase Your Telegram Group Members 2022


Groups in Telegram are a perfect place for gathering people who are all interested in the group topic. Fortunately, groups in Telegram have no size restrictions, unlike WhatsApp groups. As a result, one of the best ways to advertise your business is to launch a group in Telegram and create content about the products and services you offer. This way, you are likely to attract the potential customers of your business. Obviously, the more members your group attracts, the higher gets the sales chance of your business.

So, if you have already created a business group in Telegram, it is time to focus all your effort and time on ways to add to your group members. There are a number of ways, using which you can attract people to your group in Telegram. In the following, we are going to introduce you to each of these ways, discussing their pros and cons.

1. Publish Useful and Attractive Content

The top reason for people to join your group and stay in it is the content that is posted there. Therefore, after you create a group, providing it with a set of rules, that keeps members from being disturbed, and useful unique content, that serves the members, must be your priority.

2. Buy Group Members

Waiting for word of mouth to introduce people to your Telegram group and make them join it can take such an excruciatingly long period of time. In this case, buying a huge number of members to add them to your group instantly is the easiest way that you may come up with.

But is this really what you want?

Having a group loaded with fake users who hardly care about what you share and as a result have no impact on your growth and sales?

That is why we strongly suggest that you keep away from websites that sell group members, even the ones that claim to sell only real ones.

3. Add Members Manually

You do not have to wait for people to click on the group link or the Join Group button, you can add them to your Telegram group yourself! Yet, there a number of issues you need to consider:

  • Each Telegram account is allowed to add a maximum of 50 people in a day. Therefore, to add more members to your group, you can use several accounts. This way, having 10 accounts, you will be able to add 500 members to your group in a day.
  • Your group might be reported to Telegram. To reduce the risk, you need to add targeted members; meaning that you need to identify the audience that are somehow related to or interested in your business field, such as the people who have joined your competitors’ groups, ensuring you that they will welcome getting to know your group, products and services.
  • As it is clear, you can not manage several accounts to add members to your group and extract a username database of your target audience from your competitors’ groups, all manually. There seems to be an essential need for an automated tool to add targeted members to your group in bulk and in a daily basis.

4. Use Telegram Add to Group Bot

To automate the add member process, you need a tool that gets connected to several accounts and adds the desired usernames to your group automatically. There is this tool called the Telegram Add Bot to Group, which is also internationally popular. You connect your Telegram accounts to the bot, provide the bot with your group link and the target username database you want to be added to your group and the bot adds each of the usernames to your group one by one. The bot is also capable of automated extraction of all the active and real members’ username of any group in Telegram.

For further information about the bot, visit the page: Telegram Bot to Add Members

In this post, we have reviewed all the possible ways to add members to your Telegram group from which you can choose the one that works the best for you.

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