What is Google Adsense CTR (case study) and its importance

In e-marketing CTR matters a lot to Advertisers as well as to Publishers. Advertisers main role is to create ad graphics, and publishers role is to place the ad in such a way, which increases the CTR. you earn more about CTR on wikipedia. Lets learn about Google Adsense CTR.

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for a blogger, CTR is one of those factors that plays an important role in revenue and contract the advertisers. If you unable to give enough click, your advertisers will run away. Placing your ads at right place is more important.

What is Google Adsense CTR?

CTR stands for Click Though rate. In simple, it means the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by the number of times ads appears, ad unit or the page containing advertisement is viewed.

It is the percentage of No of clicks on ads and no of page views.

  • CTR : Number of clicks / Number of visitors.
  • CTR% : Number of clicks * 100 / Number of visitors.

So in simple words, if you have an ad running and it’s seen by 1000 people but got only 100 clicks, your CTR is 10%. Point to be noted here is that higher the percentage of CTR, the better ads you will get. So, place ads only at the places where it is view-able and can be clicked easily.

Too much impression doesn’t make money on Adsense only good no of clicks make money. so,try to get more clicks on Adsense. Place your ads at right place, where possibility of getting more clicks.

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