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Google Launching their Pixel 4a in June : Launch Delayed

pixel 4a delayed

Google’s new Pixel lineup phone, Pixel 4a may release in June 2020. The launch of this phone is delaying continuously. Google was about to release its new Android phone on May 22, but the launch of Pixel 4a got delayed. Although the exact date of Pixel 4a is not confirmed, they can release it in June 2020. A report from a German news publication revealed the Vodafone database with the launch date of the Pixel 4a. But again, it’s not confirmed. So, users may have to wait until the final launch date.

pixel 4a delayed

Pixel 4a Launch Delayed

Google’s new Pixel 4a, which comes under the Google Pixel smartphones lineup, is an upcoming smartphone that Google was about to release in Google I/O 2020. Google I/O is the official developer conference from Google. But, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, they had to cancel the event. The Pixel 4a may get an online release. However, it’s completely up to Google when and how they’ll release their Pixel lineup smartphone. Google also replacing Play Music with YouTube Music.

All We Know About Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a might get a Snapdragon 730 chipset with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of non-expandable internal storage. It may also get a 5.81-inch Full-HD OLED display. Although there may be two versions of the Pixel 4a. However, it’s not confirmed that if it’ll get a 90hz display or not. But, Google can give a 90hz display to Pixel 4a, as many flagships are getting so nowadays. This phone might get a 3080mAh battery. And it’ll also get a 12.2 MP back-camera and 8-MP front camera. Thanks to the Google camera software, the images even captured with even a 12.2 MP camera will look crisp for sure.

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As you can guess from its features, the Pixel 4a may not be a flagship from Google, instead, they are launching a lite smartphone. But, we have to wait until the launch before getting into any conclusion.


For now, we have posted everything we know about the Pixel 4a. We’ll update the launch date when we get it. Till then, you’ve to wait for the official announcement from Google.

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