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Google is Replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music

Google is replacing Google Play Music with YouTube music. It’s official, Google announced it on their official YouTube blog. Those who are currently using Play Music will be able to move their data from Play music to YouTube music. Now, they are set to retire the Google Play Music service. It’s not the first time that Google is going to replace one of their service with another. We have seen it in the past. Below, we’ve provided all the details related to Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

What is Google Play Music?

Google Play Music, which was only a music player earlier, is a streaming service from Google. Users can listen to the radio on their smartphones using the Play Music app. It’s a subscription-based service that got less popular than other Google services. But still, Google Play Music has millions of users currently.

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube music is a subsidiary from Google for users who only wants to listen to songs. To compete with music streaming services like Spotify, Google Launched YouTube music for users. It’s also a subscription-based service and popular than the Google Play Music.

End of Google Play Music Beginning of YouTube Music

As told earlier, YouTube Music is all set to replace Google Play Music. Google published a blog post on their YouTube official blog saying that they’ll replace the Play Music app with YouTube music. Maybe they are doing to reduce complexion and make one and only music streaming service from Google.

What Happens to Existing Users Data?

The users, who are already using Google Play Music on their smartphone, has been asked to move to the YouTube music app. They can get all their data including playlist on the YouTube music app. Google also said that they’ll send emails to the existing Google Play Music users and give them time to shift to YouTube music. They can transfer all data from Google Play Music to Youtube Music easily.


Google Play Music, first a music player and then a radio streaming service from Google, the journey ends in 2020. We hope that Google brings new features on YouTube music so that users don’t regret shifting from Play Music to YouTube Music.

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