The Ultimate Guide for Winter Off-Roading

Winter Off-Roading

No matter what time of the year it is, off-roading is exciting. Winter poses some unique experiences, but it is also a riskier time to take your 4 x 4 out. The snow covers up the terrain, which makes it more difficult to see potential hazards. There is also ice and cold temperatures to prepare for. Equipping your vehicle with the right stuff, such as a truck brush guard, is a good start. To have the best experience, stay safe, and protect your vehicle, there are some things to keep in mind.

Check Your Exterior

One of the first things to do is prepare the exterior of your vehicle for the roughness of off-roading. If you do not already have a suspension lift, now is the time so you have the proper clearance to make it over large snow drifts. Greater ground clearance also makes room for larger tires, which will further help with maneuvering over the snow.

Consider protecting the underbelly of your vehicle by adding protection plates. A grille guard, such as the Westin hdx provides protection to the front of your vehicle, such as the grille, headlights, and bumper.

Avoid Head-On Collisions

A grille guard helps to keep dings and scratches away in the event you hit wildlife or have a head-on collision with an unforeseen object. However, having one on your car does not do anything to avoid collisions, as this is your job as the operator of the vehicle.

One way to avoid collisions is to keep an eye out for hazards such as boulders. However, this can be more challenging in the winter because of the snow. Because it gets darker earlier, having the right lighting is imperative. Lights can be easily added to the grille or the top of your vehicle.

Expect the Unexpected

Unexpected things can happen all the time, but they occur more frequently in the winter. Because of the lower visibility, it is a possibility that you will get stuck. Be prepared by bringing along a winch kit, tow straps, and a hi-lift jack. You should also have snow chains and a shovel in the event you come across unexpected snowfall.

To drive in snow, many air-down the tires, so make sure you have something to re-inflate them before returning to regular roads. To extend the life of your engine, consider a winter front grille cover. This will also protect your engine if you are out in extremely cold temperatures.

Stay Safe

Your biggest priority when off-roading during the winter is to stay safe. Always be prepared in the unfortunate instance that you would be stranded for hours or longer. Bring extra layers and blankets as well as feet and hand warmers. Have enough water, food, and other provisions to last a few days. You should also have a first aid kit along, as you may be in a remote place that would take medical help a long time to reach.

Off-roading in the winter can be a blast. Protect your vehicle and pack safety essentials so you are prepared for anything.

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