How Childcare Can Help With Separation Anxiety in Toddlers


For many children, starting childcare can be overwhelming. Your toddler may feel nervous or unsure of their new environment, or they may experience separation anxiety. 

There are many ways that childcare centres and staff can support your child to reduce anxiety. Addressing this in early education can help to promote school readiness, making it easier for your child to take the next step in their learning journey. 

If your child is feeling worried about childcare, here’s everything you need to know about how child care can help with separation anxiety in toddlers. 

Orientation programs

When your child begins to attend childcare, both you and your child may feel nervous or unsure of the new environment. Attending an orientation program can help you become familiar with your child’s childcare centre and ask any questions you have. 

If your child experiences separation anxiety, ask your prospective childcare centre if you can attend a brief orientation centre. You can use this opportunity to show your child around their new centre and introduce them gently to their new peers and educators. 

Supportive educators

Friendly, supportive educators can make an important difference in your child’s confidence at childcare. Educators can build a positive rapport with your child, helping them feel reassured that they are not alone at their centre, even once you leave. 

When searching for a childcare provider, it’s important to choose a centre with skilled and qualified educators. Talk to your child’s educators about your concerns, and let them know if your child is feeling anxious. Educators can help your child develop confidence in their new centre.  

Engaging learning programs

Engaging with fun learning programs and activities can help your child feel much happier and more confident at childcare! When your child is busy with games, crafts, and other educational programs, they are less likely to focus on feelings of anxiety.

Choose a childcare centre with a good range of educational tools and resources, where your child will be encouraged to take part in engaging learning activities. These programs are more than just an introduction to learning concepts. They also help your child face the challenges of separation anxiety and learn to enjoy their time at childcare. 

Comfort and reassurance

During your child’s day, they may have periods of feeling worried or anxious. Luckily, educators can identify these responses and provide your child with comfort and reassurance when needed. This can help your child return to enjoying childcare. 

Before your child starts attending childcare, reassure them that you will always return to collect them at the end of the day. Remind your child of all the fun they will have at childcare, and be willing to offer words of comfort and reassurance when needed.

Looking for a great childcare centre to support your child through separation anxiety? Many early learning centres can help your child develop confidence at childcare! 

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