How much does professional moving cost to move an office? Learn this easy calculating method

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Moving your office can be hard on you both mentally and physically. If you’re from NJ, hiring a commercial moving providers is a good idea which ensures your belongings are transported to your new house in a successful manner. But, the more you think of choosing a professional mover, the more your expense would be. It is always a good idea to do most of the things by yourself.

The more you do it yourself, the less you need to pay. Calculating the cost of your move early is a good idea which helps you plan and keep some extra cash in your wallet. 

If you think of the right parameters and factors involving your move, it is very easy to estimate the total cost of it. Hence, in this article I am going to share how you can calculate your relocation expenses and things you should consider.

Calculate your Relocation Distance

The distance is one of the most important factors of the relocation to estimate your final cost. It is obvious that greater the distance the greater the cost. But, you need to pay extra for tolls and also for the truck if it stays overnight.

If you are moving within a 50 mile radius, the relocation would be considered as a local move and the charges would be based on how long it takes to complete the task.

If you are moving more than a 50 mile radius, it would be considered as an out of state move and your expenses would depend on the weight of your load and also the distance covered.

Calculate the Size and Weight of Your Loads

The number of items you are moving is proportional to your final costs. The more households you move, the greater the cost would be.

More items would occupy more space and for more space you need to hire a larger truck. A larger truck consumes more fuel and you need to pay more for the fuel charges for transportation. Hence, the more household you take with you, the more charge you need to pay. 

For more households, it will take more time to load and unload. Hence, per hour charge would definitely also go up and thus your cost rises as well.

Moreover, for more household items you need more packing materials which ends up in spending more on your moving items.

To be more organized, you can create a moving inventory where you can put your items on the list, weigh them up and get an idea of what it may cost you during the shift.  

Determine How Complex the Job is

If the work is a complex or difficult one, your expenses go up. Regardless of the distance and size of your load, if the job is a tough one, which needs special handling, taking care of obstacles and needs necessary adjustments, you need to pay an extra amount. 

A complex job is always risky, time consuming and difficult. Here, workers need extra time and effort to complete these tasks and can demand extra charges. This becomes way more expensive than what you thought.

Make a list of large and delicate items to ensure which of them may need special care to move. This is how you can estimate the cost of your budget.

You can also look around your house and find out if you have small doorways, narrow pathways or the number of stairs from where your furniture would be moved.

This can give you an idea about how much extra you need to pay for taking these special services for situations like these.

Decide What Time You Want to Move

In accurately estimating moving costs, timing is also important. You need to consider the time of your move. Most of the people choose the summer time as the weather is nice and also their children’s are at home.

During this time, the moving companies charge more in order to accommodate a moving date with their customers. This applies during the weekends too. At weekends, charges of your move would drastically go up as the demand is higher compared to that of the weekdays. 

Hence, choosing your move during the off-peak seasons or the off-peak times is the best way to reduce your moving costs. Try to choose an insurance plan with the moving company which can keep you on the safe side in order to lose more money.

Know what The Hourly Rate of The Worker is

When you are considering a moving company, you need to pay the worker in hourly rates. For each worker, you need to pay on average $25 to $50 per hour. For a home with two to three bedrooms, it would take at least eight hours of work to complete the transportation.

You may need to pay extra charges for travel time, packing materials, moving large items down the stairs and so on.

In conclusion, you can make your move a less stressful and easier one if you decide to do your packing and unpacking by yourself. If you don’t have any big furniture or specialty items to be moved, try to do the moving by yourself.

Pack your own items, hire a truck by yourself, call your friends or family to help and do all the activities on your own if possible. It can be so much organized for you if you have a proper plan and the costs would be much lower if you do so.


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