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How to Improve Long Range Shooting Skills

Long Range Shooting

If you want to be a great long-distance marksman, you’ve got to learn how to shoot long range shooting skills with precision.

And we both know it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For instance, you must learn how to position yourself correctly, control your breathing, and find the best 1000-yard scope for your rifle.

Luckily, we have these tips and more to help you become a better long-distance shooter.

Shall we dive in?

1.     Check your position

Your shooting position can affect your long-range shooting ability. Find a shooting stance that works for you.

Some of the positions to consider include:

The prone position – Your body should be flat on the ground and aligned to the rifle’s direction. This stance is steadier and more accurate than the other three discussed positions. However, due to the rifle’s low position, you may not have a good view of the target, especially if there is tall grass or other obstacles in between.

Kneeling position – To get the best shot in this stance, place your right knee on the ground and let your other knee support the forward arm’s elbow. Use a bipod or tripod to improve the accuracy of your shot

Sitting position – In this position, you can sit with your legs crossed or apart. But make sure your arms are supported. Avoid contact between your elbow and the kneecap. Again, you can use a tripod or a bipod for support.

Standing Position – This stance isn’t recommended for long shots as it offers very little support for accurate shooting. However, some shooters prefer it since it provides excellent target visibility. Keep your cheek next to the stock and ensure your body is relaxed to get a precise shot.

2.     Choose Your Rifle Scope Carefully

After the rifle, the next item you should choose carefully is the scope. A quality scope will give you better shooting clarity and accuracy.

There are plenty of scopes in the market, so you’ll have several choices to choose from.

However, narrow down your choices based on factors such as magnification, objective lens, lens coating, focal plane, reticles, turrets, and eye relief.

3.     Sighting In

If you want to hit the target, you’ll want to sight-in your rifle.

Ensure there is no shadow or tunnel effect in your scope. Also, foliage between you and your target will throw your shot off.

As mentioned earlier, a long-range scope can help improve your accuracy. Ensure the ocular and objective lenses in the scope are well-aligned.

Remember, you must also be comfortable if you want to sight-in accurately. Your rifle forestock should be on a solid rest for maximum support.

Also, practice makes perfect. So, keep practicing until your marksmanship is perfect.

4.     Breathe Easy

Proper breathing can enhance your shooting skills.

When taking your shot, the best moment for a trigger break is during a respiratory pause. This is the moment between your inhale and exhale. During this state, your body is calm and stable.

To steady your breathing, take a few breaths, relax, and let your heart rate slow down. Also, focus on your aim and remain still before you squeeze the trigger.

5.     Understand Gun Recoil

A gun’s recoil or kickback is the backward force you feel when you discharge the bullet. The kickback can be intimidating and impact how you hit your targets during long-range shooting.

Be prepared for the recoil so that you don’t flinch every time you pull the trigger. Using a heavier, more stable gun can help, and so you can practice proper gun grip. Another way to control your gun’s kickback is to master your stance.

That’s it! The above five tips will help you improve your long-range shooting skills. Put them into practice, and let’s know how it goes in the comments section below.

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