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How to Properly Store Your Luggage at Victoria Station

Luggage at Victoria Station

Heading to London, England via the city’s Victoria Station? In my experience, no matter where or how you’re traveling, it’s always the best and least stressful if you prepare yourself ahead of time. While you’re exploring the city of London, are you at all concerned about taking care of your bags or Luggage at Victoria Station? Are you hoping there’s a place where you can keep your luggage safe from prying eyes and pickpockets? And did you know that there’s some luggage storage in Victoria Station, as well as just outside of the station?

Get ready to learn the number one tip for increasing your peace of mind and convenience, just by spending a little bit of money on keeping your baggage safe.

What is Victoria Station?

Victoria Station is a central London railway terminal, and it’s actually an Underground station located in London, England.

The Victoria Station is one of the busiest and most frequently used railway stations in the city of London, and it can definitely help you get where you need to go. According to London Tool Kit, Victoria Station is the second most used railway station, right after Waterloo Station.

The station is located on the historic Victoria Street, near Buckingham Palace Road and with access to lots of interesting and cultural entertainment options to visit while you’re in the city, claims Visit London.

For your convenience, there’s luggage storage in Victoria Station, as well as immediately outside of the train station. And this convenience is a pretty great luxury to have.

How Do I Get Luggage Storage in Victoria Station?

There are several third-party companies that offer luggage storage in Victoria Station, as well as in the areas surrounding the station. And some of these companies that focus on your convenience will also offer special discounts or deals if you decide to entrust them with your baggage.

Additionally, it should be noted that there is luggage storage in Victoria Station that is offered directly by the station itself. However, it’s important to know that this luggage storage does not come in the form of lockers. 

The storage that Victoria Station offers comes only in the form of left luggage, meaning they have the ability to offer storage that is similar to that offered by third-party companies that you choose to trust. This means that based purely on your preferences and levels of trust you feel for each individual business, you can choose to store your luggage in whatever ways you would like.

How Do I Keep My Luggage Safe with me on the Train?

While you’re riding with the railway station, it’s best to follow train etiquette to the best of your abilities in order to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible while they ride around you.

While storage on the Victoria Station train itself is pretty limited, it’s a good idea to respect other passengers by making sure that you take up as little room as possible with your baggage. Make sure that you keep your luggage out of the walking aisles, and keep as much of it at your feet or under your seat as much as you can.

This means that it’s best to avoid keeping your luggage on any seating whenever possible, as these seats should be offered to as many passengers as possible while remaining safe. Of course, best safety practices for Covid-19 should be followed as closely as possible.

Additionally, while still doing the best you can to keep your luggage from being a hazard or in anyone’s pathing, make sure that you offer seats to those who are elderly, pregnant, children, or disabled. So, in general, just follow regular public transportation etiquette as much as you possibly can.

While this is not the ideal situation for your luggage during your ride, it isn’t ideal for everyone else who is around you either.

What are the Perks of Luggage Storage?

Luggage storage has two main goals when it is offered as a service. These are: aiding passengers and customers in their convenience, and keeping your luggage as safe as possible.

These are also generally easily executed because the costs related to luggage storage in Victoria Station, and around the world overall, are pretty inexpensive.

This can also keep you from taking on extra costs where you might be interested in paying for accommodations when you wouldn’t necessarily need them, just for the sake of keeping your luggage safe and holding onto as much convenience as you can while you’re working or exploring in the city.

Some luggage storage companies, as I’ve mentioned previously, will also offer free luggage storage for your first bag, or other similar deals. 

What makes this even better? There are luggage companies that partner with small businesses around the world and give them a portion of the profits for their time and effort. This means that getting luggage storage could be supporting small businesses, just make sure you do your research.

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