How to Save Time & Money Using Portable Storage Units in Melbourne


Melburnians are familiar with renting and moving and the end of lease. Unfortunately, we have to be familiar with moving furniture around, too. 

It is time-consuming, expensive, and downright annoying to move your things back and forth while juggling your busy schedule.

That’s why the storage industry came up with an efficient solution, which is portable storage. Portable storage units can store almost anything and can be used for a variety of reasons. 

Interested? Keep scrolling and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about portable storage units.

Everything You Need to Know About Portable Storage Units

So, what are portable storage units?

Portable storage units are containers made of quality steel that are used to store your belongings for moving, renovating, decluttering, and seasonal storing.

These affordable portable storage units are designed to give the best moving experience for you. Because these containers are portable, you don’t have to worry about renting a truck to transport your things.

Your rented containers will simply be delivered to your premises. Then, you can fill the unit to full capacity in your own backyard.

To make sure that every customers’ needs are fulfilled, storage companies usually offers four specific services, which are;

  • Portable serviced storage, where your storage unit is delivered, loaded, and stored by the company. You don’t have to worry about a thing when you use this service.
  • Portable self storage, where the company delivers the unit to you and you load it. After that, company collects and stores it in their storage facility.
  • Onsite self storage, where the company only delivers the container to you. You are in charge of loading and storing the container. This service suits you if you need 24/7 access to your unit.
  • Shipping container hire, the service you need if you need a lot of storage. The containers can be as big as 40ft long, suitable for storing a 4 bedroom house worth of furniture.

With all these tailored services available, you can choose what service suits you the most without you having to compensate for anything.

Can I Still Use Portable Storage When My Schedule Is Busy?

Absolutely. This service is designed to save your time, not force you to upset your schedule. If you really don’t have time to load and store your unit, the company can do them for you.

As mentioned above, there are four types of portable storage service. One of them is the portable storage service. With portable storage service, you don’t have to take a huge chunk of time out of your schedule.

But, if you prefer to do it yourself, you also have the freedom to do so. That’s why portable storage is highly favoured because of its versatility and flexibility.

Will Portable Storage Units Be Within My Budget?

Yes! They are absolutely within your budget. In fact, you can save money with these affordable portable storage units. 

The smallest portable storage unit, the 6ft container, has a total of 10 cubic metres capacity. The standard price for this unit is $22.95 per week, and it can already fit 2 bedrooms worth of stuff!

8ft containers, which are quite popular, can fit 2.5 bedroom worth of furniture and are priced at $24.95 per week. 

If you need bigger sizes, there are the 10ft and 20ft containers, which are priced $34.95 and $59.95 per week respectively.

What do you think? Can you fit them into your moving budget?


Portable storage units are useful for Melburnians who are too busy to move their furniture after the end of lease. 

The flexibility offered by the service has helped many people save time and save money without compensating on the quality of the service.

With an end-to-end service – from delivery to storage – you can rest easy knowing that your things will be perfectly intact by the time you are ready to live in  your new house.


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