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How to start a career in esports in 2022

career in esports

There is no other industry as exciting as esports. Many celebrities have invested in it lately. So, more and more people are wondering, how they can get into it professionally. There are no evident ways of entry when looking for a job career in esports, so it’s even harder to find one.

There are, however, more possibilities emerging now than ever before in career in esports. 

Below, let’s look into some ways of how to  increase the possibilities of getting a career in esports in this exciting new area. 

1. Develop skills related to your strengths

A lot of the companies that are hiring in the game are on low budget.  So, they might want you to perform multiple functions, as there aren’t enough people to designate one to each area. You can increase your chances of getting a position in esports if you are ready beforehand for this kind of setting. 

Take graphic design, for example. An organization might need a graphic designer to not only work on their visual content, but also make things like motion graphics for their videos. If you can only do the graphic design part of this job, then you will less likely get this job than a person who is also skilled in motion design.

A good idea is to determine your main strengths and try to get more skills related to it. Then, when you find suitable esports jobs, you’ll either meet their requirements or surpass them. Both of those will be wonderful results!

2. Visit competitions and other events

Due to COVID, live events have been more scarce for a while, but now they are coming back to life. To learn more about different sports events, look at Indibet, where you can learn about different teams and competitions also find online betting companies. This way you can bet on the players you like. 

Consider going to an event if you see it being held close to where you live. If you want to arrange meetings through email or social media, you can print business cards ahead of time and hand them to the people you are interested in. This way, you will make yourself known and visible!

  1. Check out opportunities near where you live.

This next point is a way of gaining experience that could lead to a paid career in the game. Many people working in the area will be willing to help others get jobs there. 

You can use this to your benefit by exploring companies near you. Of course, there are more chances if you live in a big city.

Try to get in touch with companies that are around you through email, social media, and so on. Describe your passion, and how you are looking for a way to work in esports. 

Explaining your talents and areas you excel in will help the company understand you. You should really show them how you can be valuable to them. Tell the company how your skills can help them.

4. Your cover letter and resume should be perfect.

There are numerous people who are trying to work in the industry. Jobs can get a lot of applications. Make your cover letter and resume the best for the job. Try a unique and stylish design for your resume, and make sure you don’t have any errors.

5. Be proactive in your spare time

It is difficult to fully define this point, but there is a virtue in being as proactive as possible in esports. Anything you can do to stand out from other candidates will be important, but make sure that your health isn’t at risk and don’t work yourself into the ground.

Post your graphics on Twitter. This sometimes can get shared by professional players if they’ve been tagged in them. If you enjoy writing, you can start a blog. The hiring manager will like that you contribute to your work even in your spare time.

Work on your own projects when you can, whether it is graphics, a website, or a video. It could be very useful in your cover letter or resume.

6. Use social media

Few communities have a stronger presence on social media than the esports community. Sometimes jobs are advertised only on Twitter.

Also get on LinkedIn. The advantage of the site is that everyone is professional, so there’s no nonsense that can sometimes be on other platforms.

Another platform that is worth investing in is Discord. In the industry as a whole, it’s becoming more popular to use Discord to meet others with similar interests. Make sure you join a server that relates to your interests, and you might meet some cool people, which might open new possibilities!


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