How to use Bitcoin?

How to use Bitcoin

As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity around the world, the majority of Internet users know what Bitcoin is, but not many of them know how to use it. The number of places where you can pay with this digital currency grows, and in this article, we will cover the subject of acquiring and spending online coins.

What is cryptocurrency?

The terms “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” are often used interchangeably, and in some cases, it’s justified. Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies, but not every cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. This way of payment ensures anonymity and is not regulated by any official financial institution. It’s the biggest advantage of cryptocurrencies for a vast number of users. Due to its confidentiality, cryptocurrencies are unfortunately used in various fields and practices, including those that are illegal. 

How to get Bitcoin?

In order to get Bitcoin, you might make use of one of three available methods. The first and the easiest one is simply buying cryptocurrency with traditional money. The other way is also not too demanding, as it only requires selling. You can offer some goods in exchange for Bitcoins – instead of paying you with real money, people use cryptocurrency. The last method is the most difficult one, as it requires mining it yourself with the use of your computer. What does this mean? There are a lot of different articles about mining cryptocurrency, including this one that discusses it in detail. If you are new to the world of digital coins, you will rather choose the first two options.

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Before you start acquiring Bitcoin, you need to create a special wallet. You have to gather this digital money somewhere, and you can’t use your bank account. Simply because banks do not operate with cryptocurrency. Once you have this wallet, you can start gaining Bitcoin.

Have you ever come across a Bitcoin ATM? It’s yet another method of acquiring cryptocurrency to use for buying things online. How does such a machine work? Similar to traditional ATMs. You turn real cash into digital coins – instead of withdrawing money, you only insert it.

How to spend bitcoins?

When you have enough bitcoins to start buying, there is another problem. How to do that? The first obstacle is that not every store and platform allows payments with the use of cryptocurrency. Before you can purchase anything, you need to really search far and wide to find such a web page. However, the good news is that almost in every branch and field there are stores that accept Bitcoin payments. This includes automotive branches, jewelry, food, services, travel, clothing, and many others. You can even use cryptocurrency for entertainment, e.g., in online bitcoin casinos, like the ones that are recommended by experts. If you have Bitcoin at your disposal, you can use it to safely play and bet, while earning even more money. Cryptocurrency ensures your anonymity, so you can enter online casinos from any place in the world.

Finding a place that accepts cryptocurrency is one thing, but paying with Bitcoin is not that easy either. This method of payment differs from the traditional options. Usually, when a given store allows its customers to use bitcoins, all they have to do is copy a special Bitcoin address. Then, the customers need to paste it in the right place on their wallets. However, there are gift cards and credit cards that are created specifically for cryptocurrency, which makes shopping much easier. Even the platforms like PayPal are getting more Bitcoin-friendly, and their users might keep cryptocurrency at their accounts. Generally, the method of payment with the use of cryptocurrency depends on the store or web page, but it’s getting less and less complicated.

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The world of digital currency

The future of cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin, is uncertain, which you can read about in various articles, such as the view of experts and the future about it. Now, however, it’s still a popular method of making online transactions between private users but also big, medium and small companies. Its biggest advantage is anonymity, but the main drawback is the lack of stability. However, the change of this disadvantage would lead to the loss of the asset many people care about. Therefore, it’s not that easy to predict the future of digital currency. 


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