How to Use Technology to Connect with Your Audience

Use Technology to Connect

Recent advances in technology, particularly on the internet, have given entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups a whole host of new features to play with when trying to expand or promote their organization. From the ever-growing possibilities represented by blockchain tech to the new worlds contained within AR and VR developments, to the opportunities proposed by streaming services, there are many new directions to explore. However, one fundamental goal behind the advancement of new technology is communication. Whether that means contact between everyday people, between celebrities and their fans, or, indeed, between a business and its audience, tech is being used to connect more people than ever before across the globe. When you work from home, this can be an essential tool for keeping in touch with your customer base and maintaining a public presence with your brand. So, what are the best ways in which to use technology to better connect with your audience? 

Live and Kicking

Widespread faster WiFi and mobile internet mean that video calling and live streaming can now be a normal part of everyday life for many people. This creates the perfect opportunity for freelancers and small businesses to reap the rewards from live online customer engagement. When you are working from home or operating within a small team, this aspect of the internet opens up a whole new avenue of communication that IRL meetings can’t offer.

For example, personal shoppers can now advise clients virtually using a number of different apps and websites. Platforms like EditorialistYX and Shoclef have really stepped up their game over the past year, attracting fashion-forward customers from Millennial and Gen Z age groups who tend to have a keen focus on ethical, sustainable clothing choices. A livestream interaction with a personal shopper can help customers make decisions about clothing styles, which stores to buy from, and how to fit new items into their existing wardrobe, all from the comfort of their own home. It also allows the personal shopper to work with many more clients in one day than is possible otherwise.

Another instance of this is the growing trend for live dealer games at popular online platforms. The shift from brick-and-mortar casinos to operating online has been a swift and popular transition, but live dealer table games re-establish that individual approach that many customers enjoy. Playing with a live dealer adds back in a human touch and increases the levels of social interaction between customer and dealer. Comparison websites like Asiabet collate all the best iGaming providers offering this service into one place, making it easier for enthusiasts to find a trustworthy provider. They hunt down a wider range of live dealer games than a player might find by themselves, offering up stellar customer service in the meantime. With such platforms live dealer casino games become more visible to interested players, the dealers themselves can simply concentrate on providing a stellar service.

Video Killed the Radio Star

One of the most obvious and far reaching categories in digital brand engagement is pre-recorded video content. This can take many shapes across various different platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, but the key element is keeping an audience updated with any brand developments or product launches.  Some companies also include ‘behind the scenes’ content and interviews with employees and company staff, as well as promo videos and adverts. Modern customers like to feel that brands are comfortable being transparent, open and honest, sharing details of the day-to-day running of their business rather than hiding behind glossy public ad campaigns.

Clothing and homeware store, Anthropologie, uses Instagram stories to shine a spotlight on customers wearing and using their products, therefore establishing a strong link between the business and its clientele. Restaurants like Nando’s and Sketch London use their social media stories to show off their buzzing atmosphere or their arty décor, as well as displaying tempting shots of their tasty food.

Taking things one step further, brands have begun using platforms such as TikTok and Cameo to upload personalised video messages for specific customers. This is a great way to make sure that people feel an intimate connection to the business that will inspire brand loyalty and keep the lines of communication open. More and more customers are looking to social media accounts for further information on businesses before they part with their hard-earned cash, so this is a great way to show off all the very best bits of an organization with a personal flair.

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