How to use the Return to Player coefficient?

RTP, or the percentage of player returns, determines the amount of money a casino or slot machine gives back to its customers. Whatever gamblers are playing, RTP is an important term that all casino lovers should know.

What is RTP

  • Return to Player (RTP) is a term used to describe the percentage of the total bet that will eventually be returned to the player in a mandatory manner. But how can it affect a gambler’s choice?
  • In other words, RTP is about creating an advantage for the casino and, more importantly, for players, their chances of winning a certain amount in the long run. Knowing this figure helps to choose the best betting strategy because it significantly affects overall wins or losses.

How to determine the RTP for a slot machine

Developers supply to the market slot machines with a predetermined percentage of payments. You can learn more about how it works in betstarexch review and overviews of other popular casinos. Often, the value of RTP depends on the requirements of a particular country’s regulator and the developer’s mathematical model. However, the rate of RTP should be within the range established by the governing bodies. There are no machines with a superficial level because they are not allowed.

In online machines, parameter returns are laid in the code, which also checks the special authorities. In the absence of violations, the model appears in the gambling market. That is why players need to choose a licensed platform because the situation with online casinos without a license is quite different.

Illegals use pirated software that runs on their resources to change RTP and other parameters at their discretion. So don’t be surprised if the actual return rate in illegal casino slots can be as low as 50%.

How to calculate RTP

Gambling is primarily entertainment, but it also has a mathematical component. That is why players need to understand how to calculate the RTP. This knowledge will allow them to make more informed decisions when choosing games and increase their chances of victory. 

Before starting a new game, gamblers can view the betting return percentage on the payout table of most online casinos. It will help to understand how profitable the game is and the chances of getting a good payout.

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