Is it possible to make money from sports betting in India?


A question that concerns many gamblers and ordinary people associated with sports in India is “can I make money from betting?” The answer is yes. What are the chances? Not much. This could end the article, but we decided to dig into the topic and figure out why people lose in betting shops and how to start winning.

Major mistakes of beginning bettors

Players in Indian bookmakers often make the same mistakes. Let’s consider the most basic of them:

  • Inability to stop. Playing in a bookmaker’s office is invariably associated with excitement. When a series of bets come in, a person can relax and not raise the bet in time, believing in themselves. This is the first step to draining the bank. For example, a player has 3000 rupees in his account. He raises the pot to INR 6,000. On his next bet, he bets Rs. 1,000 and loses. In his head sits the thought that it is necessary to win back, because just that the figures in the balance section showed – 6000. The second loss. The balance is 4,000 rupees. You can stop, it is still a profit of 1000 rubles, but not many can boast of cold-bloodedness and continue to bet. Very often when trying to win back people bet on what is in play. By the way, our website reviews the best bookmakers in India and provides detailed information on gambling clubs.
  • Betting on unfamiliar sports. It is impossible to guess the outcome of the match if the player does not know the league and the sport of the match.
  • Improper allocation of the bank. To make money on sports betting it is necessary to distribute the bank correctly. It is best to use 2-5% of the bank. It’s hard to be objective when the rate is 20%. In such cases, the player subconsciously wants to find a more confident bet and looks towards the favorites. When the bet amount is less, it is possible to take the underdog.
  • Insufficient analysis of the match. Another common mistake of players. People neglect the quality of analysis, which leads to losses. Professionals advise beginners to find a thematic blog and just read analytics, to begin with, and then analyze the situation on their own.

Usually, all of the above facts go together. To make money from betting in bookmakers’ offices you need to stay cool, which is very difficult and comes only with experience, if at all.

Strategy and tactics in sports betting

To stay in the black, it is advisable to find your strategy. It can be small expresses with small odds or bets on underdogs. The main thing is to stick to what works. For example, a great strategy is to take small odds in the NHL. The league is very productive and there are many matches per day. With a good analysis of the match, you can find 2-3 games where 5 or more goals will be scored, or find a team that will score 2 or more goals.

Another strategy is to bet on all events a strictly defined percentage of the bank, which will not exceed 2-5%. Betting on this strategy should only be on a sport in which you have at least minimal knowledge. No Live betting and no betting on unfamiliar championships and sports. Only the line and bet no more than 2-5%. Profit in such a game will be minimal because losses are inevitable. But if the player understands a sport, the game with this strategy will be a plus.

What are the odds of winning in bookmakers?

Unfortunately, the odds of winning at a distance are very small. Instead of trying to win from time to time in bookmakers, it is better to treat it as entertainment. To understand this, it is enough to open youtube. 

There won’t be many results for the query “sports betting”, where people talk about how they make a living from betting. But there are a lot of stories about how people lost their cars, apartments, and all their savings in betting shops. Since mostly men play in bookmakers’ offices, you can add the destruction of families and the departure of wives to what I have written. No normal woman would tolerate a man next to her, who loses the family budget over and over again. And for sure it all started with a harmless bet on a basketball or hockey game. Just for fun.

When a person is already at rock bottom, having lost everything he can at the bookmakers, he is overcome by a great desire to win back. Let’s go back to the first point of errors. In so doing, he destroys his life, even more, clinging to the desire to win all the other errors listed at the beginning of the article. This does not happen to everyone. This is the worst example. Someone simply loses some part of his salary, which can in no way be called better life.

Examples of gambling on the plus side

Again, open YouTube and type in the query “how a real plus player lives in the BC”. After watching it all hopes and dreams to earn on bets and live a beautiful life evaporate. No one would want to live like the guy in the video. Other examples of possible gambling on the plus side include rapper Drake. 

The American performer likes to drum up interest in watching a few hundred thousand dollars. When he posts his winnings you might get the feeling that he’s making quite a bit of money from betting, but if you dig a little deeper, that’s not the case. The fact is that Drake earns such sums of money that the average citizen of the CIS countries and even the United States could never dream of. A bet of $100,000, for him, is like a man with a salary of 20,000 rupees to bet 100 INR. Even if a rapper is in the black, he is certainly not looking to make money from it, but just having fun. That’s exactly how it should be treated.

Who else can win at bookmakers? Former professional players. They are well versed in their sport, to which they have devoted a large number of years. Thanks to this knowledge, they understand the real balance of power. 

For example, a hockey game. Team 1 is the favorite and has had little trouble in recent games, while team 2 is the underdog, but has had a pretty good run of recent games. What does the average player see? A win for the first team, because they are the favorite and they have to win even though they have problems in the last few games. However, a professional player sees the match differently, because he knows that anything is possible in the game. 

Often, even in matches between a clear favorite and an underdog, a struggle ensues and the defeat of one of the teams does not happen. Example: CSKA vs Dinamo Riga. Last season the teams played two head-to-head games. CSKA was a big favorite in both games, but the matches were uneasy and resulted in a 3-2 victory for CSKA. All bets with handicaps (-1.5) were lost, and there were probably a lot of those.

To summarize, let me say this. In the pluses are only those who treat betting as entertainment and those who understand a particular sport. But even they have their bad days. The mistakes that are listed at the beginning of the article can happen to anyone. They should be treated with the utmost care and try to avoid them.

How to be in the black

To be in the black, you need to understand that the winnings at a distance will be small, relative to the bank. The game in a bookmaker’s office is invariably associated with losses and they must be treated as due and not fly to win back. In addition, it is necessary to find a strategy. For this, you can use YouTube or articles on sports betting. 

Betting should not exceed 5-10% of the bank. So it will be easier to choose the right bet, knowing that if you lose, the lost amount will not be so large. If the bet is made on the underdog or a large odds, it is possible to reduce the bet amount to 2%.

Also, it is important to take enough time to analyze the match. Not just look at edge matches and head-to-head encounters, but also familiarize yourself with injured players and news related to the team or player. It is ideal if the player follows not only the results but also the comments of experts and analysts. It is much easier to understand the upcoming game if you know what the people who know the game think about it. Almost all experts and analysts used to play at a professional level, and their opinion is very important.

It is possible to win in a bookmaker’s office, but it is very difficult to be in the black at a distance. If you try to deduce the probability of it as a percentage, then the chance of being in the plus at a distance is about 20%. You need to learn as much information as you can about strategies, sports, and everything related to sports betting. It is also very important to keep abreast of all the latest news of the league on which one is betting. 


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