Is Online Gambling Legal in Your Country?

Online Gambling

Many criticize gambling because of its adverse effects on a gambler’s life. Considered a vice, gambling must be regulated by countries. Some nations in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia legalize it, but not everyone. Thus, it is best to know which country allows it.

Gambling in different countries is complex. It is necessary to know if the nation applies taxes on the winnings. In the Philippines, for example, betting platforms like OKBET do not shoulder the taxes because the government considers the winnings as a “secondary income.”

The age for legal gambling also differs per country. Countries like Mexico allow 18 years and above to gamble. However, to legally participate in gambling in Japan, one must be 20.

There are also nations where casinos are legal, but sportsbooks are not. An example is Cambodia which punishes violators with a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 riel.

For gamblers wishing to play outside their country, it is a must-know about the gambling laws of the country they plan to visit.

Check the Gambling Site’s Country Jurisdiction

There are over 21 million bettors around the world. Online gambling can be accessible by anyone connected to the internet. Unfortunately, there is no overall governing body for betting platforms. Thus, it is imperative that legal casino operators follow the rules set by the country they are in.

Although the reach of online casinos is limited to the country they operate in, there are times when some betting sites cater to other nationals. Hong Kong is a country where online gambling is illegal. However, its government does not actively pursue so-called recreational online gamers.

But there are cases where the standards are not met by betting sites. An example of this is Costa Rica.

Low taxes and a relaxed gambling law made Costa Rica a haven for gaming companies. Although the industry boomed, rogue betting sites plagued the country’s domains. Up to this point, betting sites situated in Costa Rica have been doubted by bettors. Experts even advise players to steer clear of the country.

But if you want to play in the United Kingdom, you are in luck. The country properly regulates the casino industry. Operators wishing to conduct gambling ventures in the UK must pass strict verification and examination from the government.

UK’s Gambling Commission bares its teeth to operators who violate their policies. One wrong move could end in a suspension or, worse, license revocation.

The legality of Online Gambling in Countries

Gamblers need to know if online gambling is legal or not in the country they reside in. Some countries ban internet gambling but do not prohibit brick-and-mortar casinos, just like Kenya, Portugal, Croatia, Estonia, Uganda, Mauritius, and Spain.

Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey prohibit gambling, with few exceptions. The Egyptian and Turkish governments only allow national lottery. Meanwhile, the Pakistani authorities only legalized horse racing.

Meanwhile, gambling in Cyprus is forbidden. However, if players want to play online, they are allowed.

Greece forbids its citizens to gamble. However, its authorities do not prosecute the operators and the players.

Iceland is another country that prohibits gambling, yet its residents continue to play on online gambling sites.

Countries like Qatar, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, Poland, and Cyprus do not allow gambling and all its forms. Whether it be sports betting or casino games, it is considered illegal.

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